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A giggle inspired by darkbloom

Johann in the Sky with Organs

Johann in the Sky with Organsa
With apologies to the Beatles

Picture yourself in a place called Thuringia,b
With sweet baroque music and airplaneless skies.
Somebody calls you, you answer in German,
A guy with kaleidoscope eyes.

Born in the same year as Handel, Scarlattic;
Vivaldi was seven years old.
In comes a guy whose inventions invite,
And we're gone

[Ref :] Johann in the sky with organs
Johann in the sky with organs
Johann in the sky with organs, ah, ahhhh

Follow him down to a bridge by Mühlhausen
He had twenty children, but ten of them diedd
Everyone smiles when you play his cantatas;
Those who don't are quite likely to cry.

Apply number theory to some of his songs,e
Get ready to be blown away.
Music and numbers and spiritual thoughts,
And you're gone.


Listen yourself and draw your own conclusions
You won't know if you like him if you never try,
Suddenly someone is there in your headphones,
The guy with kaleidoscope eyes.


a I censored the dirty organs.
b Say it. "Thuringia." It's fun.
c D. Scarlatti, not A. Scarlatti.
d In infancy. Incidently, his parents both died within a year of each other, when he was 9-10.
e Astounding stuff, there.
x A nice place to explore: http://www.bachfaq.org/

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