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Kitty Porn for jait

rowr, baby
click me
to see jait's cat nekkid!

Name: Maxmillian Romeow
Aliases: Maxman, Maximum Cattage, Fuzzybutt, Snugglebunny, Mr. Fatty McFatFat VonFatterson, Mr. Fuzzy, Wild Liger, Meowman, Maximum Cattage, Fuzzy Face, Furball, Kitty, Schweetie Pussy, Maxmax, Lapcat, Lapcattage, Fatcat, Stinky, Loverboy, Snugglebutt, Purrmonster
Age: 8-9 years old (you're only as old as you feel, baby)
Occupation: Snuggle Monster
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, exploring the attic, hiding, snuggling, waking up the food ldy, and protecting her from the Telephonecord Monster
Turn Ons: Catnip, laps, scritchies, cuddles, clean litterbox, wetfood, boxes, mice, out, live nude cats
Turn-Offs: Dogs, other cats, too many people, the vaccuum monster, dirty litterbox, "no"
Most Embarrassing Moment: Going out into the snow to find it was deeper than I was tall
Ambition: To be fat and happy

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