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Well. I journaled for an entire hour, and Mr. Computer decided that crashing would be a great idea. Let's see how long it takes me to put together somewhat resembling the original. It's 10p now... ready, set...

First of all,
Happy Birthday

I know I'm rather late, being in a different timezone and all... my apologies. You are such a talented artist, and a butterfly who is only beginning to take wing, much like me. I wish you every happiness this year, and always *hugs*

And to the rest of ya:
Happy Spring?!!

We got some serious snow today... I so wish I had taken photos. It was beautiful. But I worked late today, and raced home to take a nap because I was just SO wiped out and achy. Which reminds me...

Note to self:
Ldy, you've had whiplash at least once or twice.
Headbanging to Metallica at karaoke is a BAD IDEA!!!a

And the music goes 'round and around; Wooooooooooooo; and it comes out here

I'm in much better spirits today than yesterday :) Thank you to everyone who told me a naughty placeb in the public poll and "something saucy" in the private poll yesterday! Hidden amongst the marinara, worchestershire, picante and hollendaise, there were some really, uhm, saucy items! (Yum!) And no, I'm not sharing ;)

I came to the conclusion that the act of wearing rhinestone sneakers to work didn't improve my mood only because I didn't take the sparklies far enough. So, for karaoke, I wore tight stretchy black sparkly jeans, a too-smallc black shirt with a sparkly dragon on it, motorcycle boots, a studded leather belt, and a pinkish-purpley cardigand.

The combined efforts of the hiphuggers and the shirt to keep a half-inch of my midriff exposed had me doing the Star-Trek Tunic-Tuck™ half the evening; I suppose I'll have to work at not doing that :P

Most of our usual group wasn't going, and the last few Tuesday nights had been desolate, so I was a wee bit concerned that turnout tonight would be so minimal that the karaoke service would stop coming to perform. But such was not the case! People I hadn't seen in weeks and a good number of new people showed up, and the DJ brought some of his colleagues and friends along as well.

What's especially nifty is that, on the way there, I foretold the return of someone we hadn't seen in ages. How I knew is beyond me, but he showed up shortly after we did.e :D

I sang No Doubt's "Just a Girl," Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves," and Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly." I'd never sang the last one before, and my voice wasn't exactly in the state I wanted it to be, but all three songs came off exceptionally well, I think. E mentioned that I could improve a bit if I focused on bringing the noise to the front of my mouth. It took me ages to learn how to use my voice correctly-- that is, using my diaphragm and not my throat-- now I have to work on getting the song all the way from my diaphragm to the tip of my teeth before letting it go. Not easy... but I like a challenge :)

Niftiness (and no, I'm not talking about voodoolimbo, as nifty as he is!):

circlek posted this nifty thing, and it was just way too nifty not to cross-post to lj_nifty.

Now that the directory's back up, paid users can see all their friends' default userpics in one place:

My friends' default userpics

Simply replace "ldy" with your username, and pagesize with your preference!

Warm Welcomeses!
Wow-- three truly amazing and talented women! Welcome!

Well, it only took fifty minutes, and that includes time spent responding to other things that popped into my mailbox, adding a footnotes and other miscellaneous things that weren't in the original, and proofing. I'm guessing a half-hour, tops. Could've been worse, I s'pose! Hope I didn't forget anything important (like any of my rambling was all that important in the first place!).

Goodnight, moonpies!f *hugs*

11:20PM Addendum-- Just received from Yahoo:
Important service announcement regarding your POP3 or Mail Forwarding service: Effective April 24, 2002, Yahoo! Mail will no longer provide free POP3 Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.

Just so you know (hey-- I get to end the entry with expletives! How bleeping appropriate! ;P)

a Unfortunately, my tummy seems to think that my ritual Wednesday chili lunch, prepared with love and extra cheddar just-the-way-I-likes-it is also probably becoming a bad idea. *sigh*
b Heh! ;)
c In my opinion; though from what I understand, it is the style these days.
d For contrast, of course! Imagine a curvaceous red-headed Mr. Rogers on crack applying for the Hell's Angels. ;)
e Some of our friends aren't too fond of this other person, and tried to blame his appearance on me, as though I pulled him out of a hat or something. Don't shoot the messenger!
f Please substitute "Good morning," "Good afternoon," or "Good evening" if your timezone so suggests it!
k For darkbloom:
Age-old koan answered
"The sound of one hand clapping:"
Porn download complete!

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