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Diamonds on the soles of her shoes doesn't help these walking blues

There were tears on my pillow as I went to sleep last night.

I can pinpoint no definitive cause. Perhaps it's just hormonal. I hope I everyone I care about is OK.

Spent last evening in my polar-fleece jammies, did very little of importance and actually got a full night's sleep last night. Still had a very difficult time getting up when the alarm went off.

I'm wearing rhinestone sneakers. At work. It's not helping as much as I'd hoped. I'm still treading the border somewhere between the Sadlands and Cranky Cove.

I'm not horribly distressed or anything... just not my usually happy self. Sad, even.

Funny how quickly a year passes.

Heh-- I'd almost forgotten about this one! To think, I met darkbloom in a brief encounter in a revolving-door ;) Wonder why I considered a decorative fountain suitable for beginners, but not a see-saw.

Maybe this will cheer me up further...

Poll #23760 a unique exhibition

Where is the strangest place you've engaged in something naughty?

Poll #23761 a unique exhibition for my eyes only

Tell me something saucy. Nobody else will know.

Time to grab a quick bite, then back to workies I go.

I'm beginning to feel a little bit better already :)

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