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Devilishly-difficult throw-away hares

Devilishly difficult

So I got this "Ultimate Crazy Maze-- Devilishly Difficult" for Christmas1. Didn't look all that difficult to me, really.

devilishly difficult!Boy, was I ever wrong.

The big balls2 didn't pose much of a problem. In fact, it took me quite awhile to discern what the real problems were.

The real problems were the facts that:
  • The holes where the small balls were supposed to go were lipped3.

  • The metal edges of the design were magnetized.

Yes, magnetized. Getting those little guys away from the design was sheer hell!

I saw a parallel in my own life... Identifying patterns and solving problems in my behaviour isn't always easy, and rarely is as simple as I first perceive. And once the true patterns-- the real problems-- are identified, I have to battle against the magnetism of habit.

But once achieved, it feels pretty good :)

Throw-away society

They just don't make things like they used to. Because of advances in labor-saving devices and materials-production, it's cheaper to make something disposable than it is to make something that will last with a bit of care.

This saddens me to no end. Pride in workmanship is no longer of great value. And there's no emotional investment in, or need to care for, things that we just throw away.

But this throw-away mentality isn't just reserved for material things... I see this everywhere-- just everywhere...
In our visual arts - in our literature - in our music - in our relationships

That's not to say that there aren't exceptions to this rule. Thank heavens, there are. But more and more it appears to me that society indicates it's far preferable to go with something new and interesting than stay with something good.

I probably had a point when I started this rant. Oh, well. I'll just toss it and go with something new...

Hare today, gone tomorrow

In other news, I have a disturbing story to relate.

Lynching is alive and well in the US. Oh, it's only animals you might say. But few of us who saw it in person will ever forget the Easter Bunny Lynching of 2002.


Oh, the humanity.

What are you, nuts? Are you just some... nutty-nut girl who's nuts?4

Whoops! Someone posted this random silly-title-generator link on their journal today (lusciouswife? Someone else?), but either it has since disappeared, or I didn't scroll back far enough. I think I've used it before, but I liked my answers this time, so nyeah.

Sorceress of The Meritorious Order of Don Pardo, Ldy Saphyre
Sorceress of Silly People Who Don't Like Yggdrasil, LdySaphyre Zelda5 Maslen-Wilson
Princess of Man-Satanic Altar of Bone Love, Mrs. Ldy Fucking Saphyre, The Seldom Lucid

Yes, I'm very silly. I know. No need to remind me.

Not too much else to relate, except that my friends seem to be getting in touch with my other friends. First, darkbloom and scottobear made each other's acquaintances; now inspectorjury and price have. I don't know why this makes me feel so good, but it does :)

Speaking of...
Welcome khisanth! I haven't known you very long, but we seem to have much in common-- I look forward to learning more about you :)

Oh, and rhiannonstone pointed me to this link, which is hilarious. I'm not even a Buffy fan, and I think it's hilarious. Warning: it does contain very adult material.
The Erotic Adventures of Buffy and Evil Vampire Willow
My hair looks a lot like Evil Vampire Willow's now. Hee.

I know I've had a couple conversations with people over the years on the appropriateness of age-differences in dating. Flywheel.org has boiled this argument down to the following formula: the logarithm base 2 of the ages of two people dating should be within .5 of each other. Now, why didn't I think of that? They even have a nifty calculator to figure it out for you. Whew. I'm glad that's settled.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

Especially big hugs to kelly_marie, Chris and imperfectly. I feel your loss so very much. *extrahugs*

1 I got it for Christmas from xso's brother and sister-in-law. I only received it recently, though.
2 Mind OUT of the gutter, please!
3 Ahem, OUT!
4 Well... yeah.
5 Heheh... "Zelda"
9 When you're not looking, I'm cleaning my apartment and thinking of you.

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