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May I make my fond excuses for the lateness of the hour...

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends. And two of them had a birthday today!

Happy Birthday rhiannonstone!
I've known you for over a year now (wow!). Smart, funny, knowledgeable in Tull... I knew we'd get along as soon as we met. I was right, too. You be my kinda woman, woman! :D

Happy Birthday allyn!
I'm so happy we met through the beautiful collaboration that is rune and i's livejournal painting. In the short time I've known you, I feel like I've found a real friend-- and one with a sense of humour, a similar culture base, and wedding frogs, too! :D

I hope you each had a fabuloufantastic birthamaday :)

In other news, I just got in from seeing Béla Fleck and the Flecktones *swooon*

Let the parenthetical remarks begin!
  • I wore new tight sparkly purple leather pants (don't ask)
  • M couldn't go, so I had to eat a ticket (not literally)
  • I didn't run into anyone I knew at the show (a first for this performer and this venue)
  • Béla et al just started touring after a five-month vacation (they rarely take any time off)
  • Everyone was amazing (no surprise)
  • Even knowing how amazing each is, I was still amazed further (no easy task!)
  • Victor Wooten was on fire, and then some (no surprise, and not literally)
  • I've never, ever seen anyone play like Victor played tonight (never ever)
  • I took photos (but my smart card ate them, chewed them up, and swallowed them)
  • Béla's foray into classical music, Perpetual Motion, snagged him another two Grammys (thank you again, darkbloom! *hugs*)
  • Béla played Bach's Prelude from Partita No. 3 for solo violin banjo and I cried for joy (but not Ode to Joy, that's Beethoven)
  • Béla is a Starship Commander (if their revamped website is to be believed)!

Afterward, A, E and I (but not O or U or even sometimes Y) went to Albany's Bayou Cafe and briefly saw a fun little cover band called Bicycle Mary. A chatted up the doorman and flirted all of us in sans cover charge. The bar was crowded to the point of discomfort. That their bathroom was a one-seater, and some woman saw fit to spend twenty minutes putting on her makeup while five or more of us waited was also... discomforting. That they bathroom had no TP was just freaking annoying.

But I digress.

I'm feeling much better now healthwise. I'm convinced that music has a strong influence on our bodies, on a cellular, molecular-- perhaps even atomic-- level.

But I'm digressing again, aren't I.

Did I even have a point?

Oh, yeah. Happy Birthday, Rhiannonstone and Allyn :)

Note to self: Tomorrow, write about The Epitaph of Jane Teller (but only after you get things packed up for Darkbloom and Shadowfax, you naughty, naughty girl!)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who hope to oneday achieve the rank of Starship Captain (pip-pip-pip-pip hooray!).

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