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I went for a walk yesterday...

The walk was treacherous. More than once I wished I'd owned a pair of crampons (silly name, handy tool). I also wished I'd brought my gloves; the temperature in the flats was much lower than I'd expected, and lack of crampons (teehee) meant I had to walk through briar patches to reach my destination. My hands are still swollen, dry and scratched-up.
This is my church, the place I feel closest to God.
spikey pod
Every single thing I saw was a miracle.
Amazing. Humbling. Enriching. Inspiring. Impossible.
flowing flowing field
Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. It helped me to realize how blessed I truly am, and inspired me to go to those places where my heart is happiest.
eerie wetlands
There are prettier places, and more expansive places, to go than the flats. But I like it there. The walk took me twice as long as usual, and left me there just past sunset, but this didn't bother me at all.
old wall ducky
Eventually, though, I did reach my destination... back from whence I'd come. The only impression I'd made on the flats was in the form of footprints (and, perhaps, in the form of a little less litter than it'd had before). The impression it made on me was more profound.
...Come walk with me again sometime?

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