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I wanna be... That Girl!

Went to the red-and-black party last in my screaming-red vinyl pants1. They were the hit of the soiree. There was this one woman I'd never met before who searched for me all night because she was obsessed with seeing "the girl in the red pants." The pants, however, were hidden from view, as I spent most of the party sitting, playing poker for change.2

When she finally tracked me down, I stood on a chair and modeled for her. She was later reported as saying "I wanna be the girl in the red pants!"

I feel like That Girl3.

I really doubt this woman actually wanted to be me, though... she probably just wanted to get into my pants4.

I seem to be getting an unusual amount of attention of one sort of another from both sexes these days... Went to the local-yokel bar on Friday-- haven't gone there in awhile because, well, it's just not the same anymore. The bar is usually taken over by drunken people from the YMCA. Friday, though, there were a bunch of good friends there :) Played some decent pool... and got the phone number of this gorgeous foreign woman.

No, it wasn't like that. She just relocated up here from New Jersey-- in fact, the very area I lived in before I relocated. She's witty, intelligent, urbane and completely out of her element up here in the boonies. I'll have to rack my brain and make a list of all the interesting cultural things there are to do up here... hmm... I'll come up with something.5

Her friend, meanwhile, was really doing his best to make an ass out of himself impress me ;)

Speaking of men, even though I didn't give the businessman6 my number, he called me tonight anyway. Which was actually OK, since I said I would call him, but have since lost his number. I told him dindin was a no-go. He admired my honesty. That felt good :) I actually did a touchdown dance when I got off the phone with him ;)

Not much else to report here...

Oh, except I came THIS close to buying my first O'Reilly book the other day.7 *sigh* It will still be there after I've built my computer, and after I've caught up with everything else.

Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite?? Quiz

*chuckle* No, I'm not really a sex kitten. I'm just the girl in the red pants. (Sometimes.)

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who aren't afraid of Screaming Red Vinyl8.

...and a very happy (barely belated) birthday wish to my dear friend Shadowfax :D

1 I would never post a photo of them or me on this livejournal. Especially a really crappy picture that honestly looks very little like me at all. Nope. Nevah.
2 I walked in with a buck and change, and walked out with over $18. That was fun :)
3 That Girl theme song! And here's the one with words!
4 Erm, after I'm already out of them! When I'm far, far away even!
5 Eventually. Maybe? Jeez, is there anything cultural to do up here?
6 That would be the "well-known persistant and surreal businessman" I mentioned near the end of this entry. This guy had to be in his fifties or sixties... very forthright, very italian, rather scary-looking, and very prominent locally. He was very interesting to talk to, though, and I probably would talk to him further if he weren't so interested in things other than conversation.
7 Llama, baby!
8 The more times I read "Screaming Red Vinyl," the more I believe it merits a write-up for inclusion in the next Monster Manual ;P (ach, I've such fond memories of that old cover...)
42 Feierabend (thanks, scottobear!)

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