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We don't suck.

For once, the reviewers agree.

"Don't like the play. The performances, however, are excellent."
(I'm paraphrasing, of course.)

We had maybe twenty people Thursday night (night of the storm). It was a really good show, but... well, the play is so much more interesting with a larger audience.

Last night, we had more than 150 (180? hard to say). And they were VOCAL. The play was considerably longer, as we had to stop for laughs every few minutes.

Please come back, nice audience!

But no, they won't do that, will they. At least I'll have a number of friends in the audience tonight. I'll be interested in hearing their opinions.

In other news, this is not my best work imo, nor was I the first choice for the role. In yet other news, I'm not distraught or terribly depressed over this fact. This is an improvement... I've always been a very critical perfectionist when it comes to anything I do.

I blanked last night on a line. Now, that's a terror. I remembered it moments later, and delivered it just fine (I don't expect anyone in the audience noticed), but what an intense momentary feeling of shock and horror that was.

Notes to self:
Don't blank ever again.
You should not eat ground beef or jalapenos.
You must not, at all costs, consume both at the same time.
Phone the guy who wants you to audition for Betty.
Phone the well-known persistant and surreal businessman who asked you out and politely decline (firmly, this time).
Make a list of the things you want to do when this is over. You cannot do them all.
Get your ass outta here now! You gotta go to the supermarket on the way to the theatre!
Eat something, you fool!

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