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I may turn into a Filter Fish (but not Gefilte Fish-- I can't stand those! Eww! Fishjelly!)

The improv show last night went great. Big interactive audience, and yuks aplenty. My friend Ken was in the audience, and it was his birthday. We did the Opera of His Life.

Felt like crip1 this morning... but the double run-through2 for the other play today seemed to go well. I expect nearly an hour of notes on it tomorrow, though.

Didn't get to eat... turns out KFC breads everything in MSG. Sorry-- not MSG, monosodium glutamate3. Whatever. I'm highly allergic.

Busy week ahead... normal workstuff... plus rehearsal M, W, and F; an improv show at a bar4 Tuesday night; and Everything Else (like laundry, cleaning, foodshopping, etc.) on Thursday.

Whee! Things start to get fun here, folks ; )

1 Yes, "crip."
2 One of the run-throughs was critique, so we had a small audience of directors in attendance. The play runs ~two-and-a-half hours at this point, so it was a LONG day!
3 I took two bites of my food, and sensed something wrong. The producer called KFC to find out if there was MSG in the breading... the Helpful Employee put him on hold for five minutes, then told him that no, it had no MSG. "What about monosodium glutamate?" asked our producer. "Oh, it has lots of that-- but no MSG!" Hence the distinction ; P
4 Oh, THIS should be interesting. It's the same bar I sometimes go to with M... the one at which I used to have nachos after bellydancing. We're following a poetry reading.
9 Every day, I am tempted to whittle down my friends list-- not because I don't like reading people, but because I like it too much. Yet, I never do. This week may be the breaking point, we'll see.

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