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Reader's Digest Version-- Ldy's Vaca

Due to time constraints, I'm settling for highlights. Considering the length of this "condensed version," this is probably a Very Good Thing! Without further ado, I present...

bubbly! Created from three different pics, at three different angles ; PHighlights of my Vacation

I am conviced that SRQ (Sarasota Airport) is really ALB (Albany Airport), but with infinitely more palmettos. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a group of highly-paid lackies technicians shook the plane for several hours while another group redecorated the terminal, planted a mess of palmettos and adjusted the weather just to make me THINK I had gone somewhere, is it?A

Lost my faith in Christianity on Christmas Eve and cried quietly for hours. The service seemed hollow, not hallowed, and full of pretense, not presence. Terry Pratchett postulated in "Small Gods" that belief can be replaced by structures-- yes, I so see that. The Sun God has returned in Tree form once more.B I took Eucharist (I was surprised-- my rule is to respect rules in place of worship, so if I don't believe that little piece of styrofoam cracker is Christ's bones, and that wine is His blood, I don't take part, but I suddenly did, so... I did), but I think it may have been my last. We'll see. My faith in G-d is still strong; it is my faith in Religion that has shriveled.

This hat, celebrating Walt's birthday (he's still turning in his grave, mind you), is several stories tallAte many fine meals in many nice restaurants; my friend had many nice boxes of styrofoam in his refrigerator.C

Spent Christmas day with my friend and our families-- twas a Very Nice Time : )

Pinched a nerve in my neck. I think it was the Vulcan one; I could barely move my neck at all. Paid two visits to a chiropractor who stroked a small wooden cylinder with a plexiglass top (he was reading my energy waves). Hey, it worked (mostly).

Saw Lord of the Rings. YAY!

Drank a great many designer yuppie martinis with a lovely woman with a wicked British accent named Annie.D

Was a DJ at the Tarpon Club on Useppa Island. I didn't actually get paid, but I got to play with nifty DJ things, take requests, play a lot of what I wanted in-between, and drink for free. Additionally, this allowed the actual DJ to go schmoozing, and possibly get more future business. Useppa is an Island Paradise.

Dead Squirrel Golfing! ...don't you want one?Visited and ate at Linger Lodge. Nestled in one of Sarasota finest trailer parks RV Resorts, Linger Lodge sports some of the finest taxiderm roadkill ever seen. I swear that this is true. And people eat there (and live there-- you have to pass by the laundry facilities to get to the bathroom). It's quite a far cry from Useppa. Dead Squirrel Golfing is one of the hundreds of creepy-ass things fine examples of taxidermy on display this amazing restaurant.

Saw Cast in Bronze play-- twice. Imagine: a four-ton "mobile" carillon.E I saw it up close and in person. What's more, the guy what plays it (it is his, this is his dream, please don't touch-- see photos below) gave me a big ole hug afterward :) You really must hear Carol of the Bells on this. Really. Please!

Saw the Osborne Lights at Disney. Jeez-Louise! I knew what was coming, and was still knocked off my feet. There are some good pictures here. The story behind them is here.

Celebrated New Year's Eve at Epcot. Every country had a different party going on. It was so cold in our waiting spot by the water-- but so worth it: the sky EXPLODED! I love fireworks. Drank half-yards of this fruity super-strong alcohol stuff from England, and wore silly pink sequined Minnie Princess ears.

Got a kiss from Pluto, hugs from Tigger and Goofy, and my first (and last) mistletoe kiss of the season... but the MouseMan snubbed me again. Do you think he's avoiding me?F

Got searched in Atlanta. It wasn't random; the woman picked me out because I was standing nearby. I can't complain though; my AOSeptG had opened in my bag, soaking everything. Had I not been stopped, I'd have been unaware of the problem until it started leaking on someone's head while sitting in coach.H

we need things to make us blink.(The small print:)
A Erm, yes, ldy, it is.
B The Sun God stole that before the Christians did, btw.
C No, they are not made of Christ's bones, regardless of how they might taste (I am tasteless at times, aren't I!).
D The woman, not the accent.
E A midieval instrument constructed of levers, pulleys, and ENORMOUS bells.
F OK, WHO told Minnie about us?!! C'mon, fess up!
G Hydrogen Peroxide used for disinfecting contact lenses.
H Q: So, how embarrassing is it to have all your (WET) toiletries spread out on a table in an airport fulla people? A: Very.

The Photos (in no particular order):

one of an entire neighborhood of Osborne houses serious bellage.

the maestro Santagoof!

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