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Note to self:


It's OK if you don't feel up to doing your laundry tonight. Yes, it needs doing. But getting better is more important. With the exception of going to the doctor, you've been vertical for a grand total of maybe two hours since Thursday. Going to the laundromat is a bad idea.

Sit down. Finish eating that chicken soup and english muffin. It's your first meal since Thursday... be happy that you're regaining your appetite! Get another glass of grapefruit or orange juice, and watch TV for a little bit. A little Red Green Show should cheer you up.

Tomorrow, you have rehearsal. Try to study your script a little tonight, if you feel up to it. A little more in the morning, if you wake up early enough.

But forget about the %$&#ing laundry, and don't feel bad about not keeping up with LJ.

Be good to yourself. It's the advice you would give to anyone else.

Yours sincerely,

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