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Strep throat is no fun.

Woke up this morning feeling like pre-Death (Death itself probably isn't that bad; it's the moment before that's terrible). Called in to work (felt doubly terrible, as yesterday was my first day back since before the holidays).
Went back to bed.
Phoned my doctor ~10a, left a message.
Went back to bed.
Got up ~2, phoned doctor again. Left another message.
Went back to bed.
Doctor's office phoned me, told me they never received the first message, but to come in anyway. They weren't sure who could see me, but they'd find someone.
Got dressed, went to doctor.
Saw my actual doctor. This is an event of some note. Usually, I get a PA.
Strep swab was negative. He still suspects strep (my neck isn't swollen enough for mono, but my tonsils are enormous and inflamed). Took a culture, gave me a script for penicillin, sent me on my way.
Went to pharmacy. Waited 15 minutes, had difficulty keeping my head up. Pharmacist said that doctor had-- whoops-- omitted the strength. She'd call.
Another 15 minutes. She finally gets through... to the answering service. No help there.
I drive back to the doctor's office. Knock on the locked door. Small child opens the door. Get strength scribbled on prescription (by some invisible doctor, not the small child). Go back to pharmacy. Buy food. Get script. Come home.
Lights in living room have burnt out. DSL is down. Called director to tell him I won't make rehearsal tonight (feeling quadruply bad now; Wednesday was my first rehearsal since before the holidays).
Finally get online.
Type this.

Last night, I started putting together an entry about my vacation... but finishing it will have to wait.

Going back to bed.

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