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It's all about the belief, if you believe that.

I didn't get a bit of Christmas shopping done this weekend, but I'm feeling much better now, regardless. Much better, indeed.

I didn't really realize the secret behind achieving this until I began to share it with someone else, who was also feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It's funny how often I realize that, in giving advice to another, I am really giving it to myself.

There is little purpose to feeling overwhelmed. I suppose I'm still at a point where I can't help but feel overwhelmed from time-to-time, but with a bit of thought, I can correct that. The reality of whatever situation will likely not be changed by my feeling overwhelmed; and if it is changed, it will likely not be for the better.

So I might as well keep on grinnin', no? ; )

I took a few minutes to colour today, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. It brought a smile to my face... which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Click here to see the original image from coloringbook:

ode to wet leaves
clickity for larger image in new window

Foo. So much for posting my results to the Utterly Surreal Test... the site seems to be down atm.
Just for the record, though, I am Matched Phrenology Busts. I enlighten Norwegian glass bacteria with richly sponged hardwood thought processes. Four ripe metronomes ridicule my lucky castle of relief. My auspicious mercury rides level coral. What erudite spheres reveal strata? The Utterly Surreal Test

Rehearsal today was good. I won't see those folks again until after the new year. This means, NO REHEARSALS THIS WEEK! As a result, I may actually have a chance of finishing much of that which needs finishing before I go away : )

Yup, I'm heading to Florida next Sunday for the holidays. Vacation-- wheee! I've already got a busy week planned, but I hope to actually relax at some point during the festivities.

Future-- check. Now we shall go back in time, in a haphazard manner.

Improv last night was good... but we had a very small turnout. In fact, we almost didn't perform at all! At 8p (when we were scheduled to begin), we had only four audience members-- and two of those were comp'ed (i.e., got in free). At 8:15p, a gent we'd never seen before came in (who came all the way from Saratoga-- about 40 min away)... we told him our story, and gave him two free tickets to our next show. He stuck around, so when a couple (who came from even farther away) showed up at 8:30p, we went ahead with the show. Our unwritten rule is we go on if we outnumber the audience.

We performed for two hours, and made them laugh quite a bit. We each got a dollar for our trouble ; P

I slept in both this morning and last. I refuse to feel guilty about that, too. Go me : )

Friday, I worked a normal eight-hour day, got my glasses fixed, got my tire repaired, and got my hair cut and coloured. It is the MOST GLORIOUS shade of red now-- I do hope my hairdresser wrote it down (we've been looking for just the right shade for ages now).

That night, I met up with Miss M after she got off work (she was on 'til 10:30p), and hit up a couple of bars. Played some pool at the Union Inn-- kicked some buttkuss, too. Nice, considering I haven't played in ages. Then we stopped at Bar One-- Schenectady's rather pathetic attempt at a dance club.

Egads. It was mostly twenty-somethings, with a smattering of teenagers (I believe a cop owns the club, or is somehow involved with it-- it's the only explanation). A good number of attendees were, well, rolling. I tried my hand at playing "find the E dealer;" I think I narrowed it down to between two people.

M said something about how she envied the younger, very skinny women, and I had an epiphany. Here she was, feeling substandard next to these model-thin women; and yet, it hadn't even ocurred to me to compare myself to them. Even when she brought it up, I didn't envy them at all. I didn't see a one who seemed secure with herself, who seemed really, well, happy. It didn't bother me that others might be comparing me to them, either. How could a comparison by strangers against strangers in such a situation ever be anything more than a superficial rationalization?

The epiphany: I am content with the person I'm becoming. I'm nowhere near perfect... but I'm me. And me is good; an identity with which I am slowly but surely becoming secure.

I see this as a very good sign.

Warm welcomes to:
yeah, I welcomed you before, but I was in a rush. Here's a proper welcome to a very talented lady : )
welcome, my new Portugese friend! You are intelligent, well-spoken, quite nice, and have great taste in literature : )
what can I say about a "30-something Georgia cowboy, Warrior Poet, Console Samurai and Redneck Genius?" (except, that, from what I've seen so far, it all appears to be true...)-- pleased tameetcha : )
we share many common interests, and frankly, ma'am, you crack me up : )

Happy Belated Birthdays to:
29: lakme - Livin' In Sin With A Safety Pin

 6: beautyorbeast - Paula
11: heavenli_angel - kiva
11: kittenfc - Kitten Fleming
12: petit_chou - Heather
14: tarpo - Tarpo
15: gardengnome - Nikki

I wish I had wished you each special wishes on your birthday proper.
But if wishes were fishes, I'd have four fat trout from this paragraph alone.

And happy birthday in just a few hours to:
17: sparkybutcher - Sparky the Butcher

http://www.levitated.net/daily/index.html scottobear
"levitated daily source (computational species collection 2001)-- daily modules of visualization goodness for education, elaboration, collaboration."
Very neat open-source flash animations of... well, check it out.

http://www.pantscam.com/pantscam.html kvance
Odd people talking about the view from a woman's pants, and drinking.
At least, that's the way it was when I was there.

http://personal.inet.fi/taide/junttila/desert/ani/video5.htm mentalguy
The boundary between real life and platform games becomes more and more blurred every day.
http://www.funnystrange.com/quiz/index.asp i lizvang
Can you figure which quotes are bin Laden's, and which are Fallwell's or Robertson's?
http://www.kpmg.com/ scottobear
Apparently, this company doesn't like to be linked to without permission (so says this guy) <-click this link
http://real.gamehouse.com/real/gamefrme.jsp?game=balls knightwizard
This is the most addicting game I've found yet. It's similar to bejeweled and newton's nightmare, to which I was already addicted. Darn you to heck, knightwizard! ; )
http://www.redjellyfish.com mauracelt
AWESOME ecological site, with some of the best FREE ecards I've ever seen. A plethora of gorgeous photos and inspiring quotes. Check it out : )

I'm skipping over many days of lifeness here, but my time for relating such is limited. Suffice it to say that E and I did a 180 on the highway en-route to rehearsal last Monday, I did not quit my job this week, and missed karaoke this past week, and sang "Maggie May," "Crimson and Clover," and "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting" the week previous.

I want to sing "Something" by the Beatles this week, if I go.

I missed a day or two of yours somewhere along the way... *sigh*. If I missed anything you didn't want me to miss, gimme a holler.

*Hugs* to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who believe.

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