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Facing and Dancing, to the Sound of Gunfire

Work has gotten out of control. Beyond that, really.

It's taking all I've got not to fall apart at the seams today.

I hope I can keep up, even with putting in 110%, pulling 10-hour days, and going directly from here to rehearsals, with the briefest of stops to feed the "starving" (fatty) darling kitty.

Sleep might be good. Do forgive me if I don't keep up here. Something's got to give.

I can't tell if my new obc is causing hormone fluxuations, or if I'm having an emotional reaction solely because I'm pushing myself to the very edge of my abilities, and "unforseen circumstances" are putting my coping mechanisms to the test. Maybe both. I'm approaching work and life as some sort of death-defying X-Game these days. And work and life have conspired with the sponsors to remove the safety netting while I'm in mid-air.

Whatever. Each time I reach the edge, a little something Nice appears... a gift in the mail, a compliment, the serendipitous meeting of an old friend...

If you try, sometimes, you get what you need.

Not sure when I'll get the chance to create one of my "normal" catch-up posts, so before I jump back into the fray, warm, warm welcomes to lizvang.


/me swandives into the half-a-page of scribbled lines...

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