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Another meandering installment of the continuing saga of my life on earth

When we last left our protagonist, she was planning on purchasing stockings before her next rehearsal... but little did she know...

Thursday-- The kink clothing store two blocks down from me was closed, so no fishnets for me. Rehearsal went well; we did some improv and actually ran through the show (with only minor flubbies).

Friday-- Kinkshop was open; I'm quite sure the gent who owns the store has heard his fair share of interesting stories from his patrons, but I expect this is the first time anyone has ever come in to purchase fishnets so she could play the Pope in a *cough* "real" theatrical production.

The show itself went quite well : ) An hour of improv1, followed by a one-act original play on the nature of philosophy and the existence of G-d, written in a pulpy '40s gumshoe style. The latter is not for the faint of heart, the easily-offended, or the dimwitted.

During "party quirks," I had to play a nymphomaniac with a penchant for chia pets. I joked to E afterward that his parents (who saw the show that night) probably wouldn't let hang out with him anymore after such an exhibition... he replied "actually, no; they suggested I buy you a chia pet for Christmas." I now know where he gets his sense of humour ; P

I was too tired to go out... but got paranoid about the security of my system when I got home... so I investigated same until 4 am.

I have come to the conclusions that my ports are reasonably stealthy, that zonealarm is not, in fact, spyware of any sort, and that I turn into a paranoid idiot after midnight.

NOTE TO SELF: I don't care if 42 ports are open, the monitor is spinning like that girl's head from the exorcist, and ectoplasm is oozing out the keyboard-- if it's even an hour past your bedtime, SHUT THE DAMNED THING OFF AND GO TO BED. Thank you.

Saturday-- Slept in. D'oh.

M and A came to the show 2, as did Dan, and Mark and his sweetie, and E's born-again sister and brother-in-law (brother and sister-in-law?).

I was not thrilled with my performance whatsoever, though I did introduce the bit about dialing-up to G-d3, which could be funny if I work on it a bit.

Afterwards, three tables' worth of us descended upon Junior's and had a beer. Met some nice people. Dan kept telling me the fall-down-funniest bar-hopping story I'd ever heard-- actually, it was a series of stories, from a series of bars, over the course of one night. Dan doesn't act, but he has perfect deadpan delivery, and the details he remembers (like the guy who was trying to marry off his daughter by bribing him with mozzarella sticks, the three lesbians who told him they all rode there on a bike, and the guy who grabbed his crotch because he mistakenly thought he was his brother) were hysterical.

M and A and I went to Lark Tavern for one after that, had some mozzarella sticks, and stopped for a slice of pizza on the way home.

Today-- I slept at M's; she drove me home on her way to work at 8:30a. I was so excited to be up so early and have the whole day ahead of me! So excited, in fact, that I lay down and slept for another four hours : P Felt good, though. I really need to start going to a gym if I want to do physical comedy. The day after is no fun at all.

Rehearsal for show #2 went very well.

My rehearsal schedule begins to get wicked starting Thursday. Until then, though, I'm a FREE WOMAN! (No, you can't have one.)

Tonight-- I coloured for a bit.

i hasn't gotten back to doing the Sunday colouring thing (he's painting-- so don't you dare disturb him!), but scottobear has started a colouring book community, appropriately-named coloringbook.

The original drawing can be found here.

And here's my interpretation (focusing mainly on gradients):

I love flutterbys!
clickity for bigger image in new window

I would have liked to work on this further, but I gave myself a time limit (and stuck to it-- go me!).

Linkie of the Day-o:

http://www.afroman.f2s.com/spacekitten/ mentalguy
This is just... disturbing. And fun. And disturbing.

Not much else to report, really. Thinking I'd like to keep my boring day-to-day nonsense more limited, and go back to talking about more interesting things. Perhaps this will occur once the day-to-day nonsense dies down a bit and I have more time to think about more interesting things.

Like broccoli.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who laugh at least once every day of their lives.

1Improv notables (skip-- they don't really make much sense to anyone but me): blind freeze: none, pity. survivor humiliation: legal convention? party quirks: I was a nymphomaniac with a thing for chia pets. DMJ was "normal." I forget what Ja was, but Jo got us all (of course). pleasantville: evil librarian MWAHAHAHA ding: we went to haiti, and were attacked by a demonic puppet! opera of your life: no clue whom I was-- but it was about the woman with the retarded dog. summer blockbuster: cher, singing "Dishes, Pots 'n Pans" in a movie starring Arnold Schwartzenneger saving the world from dirty dishes. jump styles: someone gave me Ibsen... yipes. No more playwrites!
2 Improv notables (skip again-- they don't really make much sense to anyone but me): blind freeze: fabulous fun, as usual. bert & ernie: DMJ missed a couple letters, including "L"-- which was funnier than if he had got them all right. justify this: sisters fighting over a man, set on the Jerry Springer show-- Jo and Ja were fantastic. party quirks: I could only say three-syllable words; DMJ couldn't say the letter "L"; Ja couldn't smile. Jo guessed us all (of course). pleasantville: not-so-evil tailor (Jo was Lucy). opera of your life: angel, trying to save a lawyer from hell (I was unsuccessful). ding: whirlwind tour of the antarctic, baltic sea, and New Jersey (and Iowa-- can't forget IOWA!). movie dubs: baltic sea rendition of "evening vere." five words you can say: shopping at the salvation army with the two-timing guy. There must have been more, but I don't remember.
3 Mitre antenna hitting static, then "Thank You for Using Verizon"
7 Life is a funny, funny, thing... until you try to do comedy.

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