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Eight Days a Week, Clickity-clack!!

Apologies for the length, but you've been without my meandering thoughts for over a week now. Okies, here goes...

Tuesday-- I finally started my Roth IRA. And to think: I'd only put it off for a year and a half.

Wednesday-- Class, damned good. There are three of us in the class that have been there since the beginning, back in April. It's amazing: although we are all very different, we share SO MANY of the same issues. So when one of us does a sourcing on an issue, it's almost as though the other two get a vicarious sourcing on the same thing. S'like getting a three-for-one deal.
Well, at Wednesday's class, one of these women said she probably couldn't continue on into December, and would probably restart in January. The other woman and I both agreed that we'd rather take a hiatus than go forward without her.
After class, the teachers came to the conclusion that we were all doing so well with our internal emotional issues that we should switch over into another program in January that would cover some of that, and a bit more of external things, like goal-setting etc.
Cool : )
I'm rather surprised; the W always suggested doing both programs simultaneously. Very interesting. I wonder if their suggestion has anything to do with the huge expansion that's going on. They're starting twelve new schools: one in Canada, one in Mexico, and the other ten across the country. I'm not sure where they're all located, but I know there'll be on in L.A. ; )

Thursday-- Went to M's parents for dinner. I've decided that I no longer want to marry M; I want to marry her mother. Their place is gorgeous, and just what I've always wanted!
A loft with easels and computers, bookshelf that goes up an entire flight of stairs, windows that go to the ceiling, huge kitchen, yard perfectly suited for kite-flying, herb garden... *sigh* And her family is just awesome. We celebrated a nephew's birthday, and played Boggle (I did think of you, darkbloom : )).
Oh, and I did a load of laundry there : P

Friday-- Went to bed by 10p. This is an event worthy of note B-flat.

Saturday-- Yum-day. Saw Harry Potter at a private 9:15 am showing. Had lunch with E at Bombers, and a beer at VanDyck, then did some stuff around the house. He stopped by my place later and we made scallops-mozarella-cheddar-horseradish jack-Esauce-broccoli-purple pepper pizza (tasted much better than it sounds), played a little Spyhunter on his PS2, and watched Tombraider.
I was thrilled by the effects in Harry Potter-- I stood around for the entire credits, watching to see who was responsible for what. They had six or seven different effects companies working on different very-specific things, and yet everything was so seamless... I wonder who coordinated it.
Tombraiders effects paled by comparison, and the dialogue matched the game very closely in style. Pity.

Sunday-- I wrote "clickity clack!" here in my notes, and have no idea what I meant at the time. So, clickity-clack!! What the heck?!! I put together a disk of music for the show, and went to rehearsal. I did not actually rehearse, but did repeatedly press the button on my CD player whilst people tangoed. Then E, DragonmakerJack and I had a beer at Lionheart, and chowed down some Veggie Nachos.

Monday-- Like I remember Monday. I do believe I went to bed at a decent hour.

Tuesday-- I baffled another doctor, for a problem likely unrelated to the one which baffled the last doctor. I suspect I am, deep down, a dalek. OK, they can't really compare to me in doctor-baffling prowess. I shall have to think of another analogy.
Went shopping for lipstick after work (in reality, I went to pick up some stuff for my contacts, but ended-up shopping for lipstick), went to rehearsal (and *gasp* rehearsed!), and went to karaoke.
I am no longer The Supreme Being. Just the Pope. The Pope has been turned from a kinda lame incidental character to something humourous and borderline risque. I so love making people laugh.
At karaoke, I sang Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Eight Days a Week, Delta Dawn (with Miss M), and Bette Davis Eyes (which seemed to go over very well). Delta Dawn squeaked its way past copyright infringement by conveniently eliminating the second verse, and repeating the chorus several hundred times.

Tonight-- Went to the laundromat directly after work, did five loads of laundry in two double-sized washers (and three dryers), highlighted my lines on 60 pages of script, bought stockings at one store, bought milk at another, gulped down a slice of white pizza with brocolli while I downloaded two days' of email, and ran to rehearsal.
Oh, yeah. I'm in another show now. Heh. We'll call it "Play #2." It's a British drama on euthanasia, loaded with dark humour. Amazing director and amazing cast. We're already blocking stuff and getting into character development.
Oh, and I heard weird stuff on the radio at work (the only time I've really listened to the radio at work in years, other than on 09/11). Two songs, in a row, of music on the disk I burned for the show, followed by MacArthur Park, which I haven't heard in many years, and was only recently reminded about by myth

Tomorrow-- See if I can buy the stockings I want after work, then get all my crap together and go to rehearsal. Will we run through the play at least once before we go up? Tomorrow will tell.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday-- show #1, show #1, GOOSE! rehearsal #2. I'd like to see the rotting carcass of a car that's currently occupying part of my backyard hauled off somewhere. I hope I don't have to pay to have it done, but if I do, so be it.

Despite the fact that I'm here less-and-less, my apartment is getting cleaner. Wicked cool.

Don't expect to see much of me on lj in future weeks. I keep up here as best I can, and have done well up to a day or two ago. I suspect I've lost my grip.

But you've suspected that for a long time, haven't you. ; )

In other news, I am apparently a Shalrath, and Galadriel, Elf, Queen of Lothlorien, wife of Celeborn and grandmother of Arwen, as played by Cate Blanchett. You never knew, did you.

Happy Belated Birthdays!

Warm Welcomes!
    carrie I already feel like I've known you quite awhile
    ophelia_blu Beautiful photos, luv
    scaedu Don't know you yet, *cough*, but looking forward to doing so ; )


Well, that's it for this time. I hope you are all well, and regret my visits will be more sporadic as my days become filled to the brim with Lifestuffs.

One more post coming momentarily, on a subject that disturbs me.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't read my mail without my explicit consent.

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