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Hark, it is I, Flappergirl!

Wednesday's class was awesome. We did a sourcing, and I got to see the patterns in my choices a bit more clearly.

Thursday night I felt kinda sick. A director friend called me up to ask if I'd read for a part he'd had trouble casting. He said he'd drop off a script in the AM, and asked if I wanted comp tix to see Second City that night. I had already planned on going, but wasn't feeling too well, so I said I'd call him back.

Friday, I felt a bit better, so during breaks at work I read his script, and called him back to say I'd take the tix : )

Frinight, E and I went to see Second City. Silly man told me he was dressing up, so I felt compelled to do the same. Silly me. This meant I took forever, and we didn't get to eat dindin. Next time, perhaps I will not feel so compelled. Second City was awesome : ) I met M afterwards, got changed at her place, and went to Pig & Pickerel. Got into a conversation with "Suds," a MIS geek with a degree (doctorate?) in Folklore. Quite my cup of tea, conversation-wise. Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk with him much, as I kept almost falling asleep in the lone beer I kept nursing. Meanwhile, the friend of M's we had gone to meet (who was keeping bar) kept flirting with me. He asked me to marry him, and said he was planning on getting laid with the bartender downstairs-- in the same breath. I was impressed, oc.

Saturday, I got up kind of late at M's, and rushrushed to the Second City Improv Workshop at the Egg. I took a wrong turn to get to the parking garages underneath, but I lucked out and got parking on the street right in front of the Plaza (where the Egg is located). I ran up to the Egg with just a couple minutes to spare... and all the doors were LOCKED. Just as I had circled the place once, and was wondering how I might best get in, somebody wandered upstairs and opened the door from the inside : ) The workshop was great. I got to spend much of it with Kristin (from our troupe), who brilliantly scooted over one space when the instructor started numbering us so that she might stay with me-- she's such a sweetie.

Remember this in Improv, Ldy:
  • Never Deny. If somebody says she has a fish on her head, don't try to convince her it's an alligator.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen.
  • React; don't think.
  • It's Never the Action; it's the relationships that evolve.
  • Don't Ask Questions; declarative statements are better.

flapperAfter the workshop, M and I went to lunch at Justin's (YUM-- we shared some seasonal vegetarian fritata and an order of corn cake), then went to Romeo's. Romeo's doesn't have an internet presence, but it's an awesome giftshop. They have jewelry, knicknacks, cards, some clothing, and so much more. I almost bought an opal ring or a moonstone ring (well, I would've had M buy me the opal ring-- though I just learned from eatherial that the "opal curse" also applied to moonstones), but instead bought this beaded top.

I feel slightly guilty... I mean, I don't really need it-- don't even have anything to go with it, or any places in mind to which I might wear it. But when will I ever find a completely hand-beaded top that fits me well, makes great noises, and cost only $40?! (And yes, it's entirely beaded, not a bit of fabric showing.)

So that's my rationalization, and I'm stickin' with it ; )

M picked up a nice garnet ring. After our Romeo's adventure, we ran into Jack and Terrance (his son), then I eventually made my way home. An hour later, M was driving from Albany to Schenectady to work, and I was driving the opposite direction to rehearsal.

Rehearsal was good. I somehow offered to dl the music we need for our next production (there's quite a lot of it, really), edit it as necessary, and burn it. FAST. I also agreed to play a deceased G-d, possibly with an erection. I do believe that G-d has quite the sense of humour; hopefully He doesn't resemble so many of His children in that He can't laugh at Himself.

I was tired, and missed the Leonids (Bernstein). Too bad; astronomy is a big love of mine.

Today, I downloaded a lot of music. I also produced the new flyers. Even did a bit around the house-- cleaned the litterbox, took out lots of garbage, four cases of empties (there's a small wall in my kitchen; I shouldn't let them accumulate so), cut my nails, got some pizza, made some phone calls, etc., etc.

IM'd a bit with my friend... I'm getting better at expressing myself, but it still doesn't come easy. *sigh* Not sure when I'll get down there again, either.

Talked with my aunt... found out she lives 3.5 hours away. I have class on Weds night, and work on Fri, and I bet that 3.5 hours will turn into 5 on the big day... so it doesn't look like I'll be going to her place for Thanksgiving. : /

Talked with the director I mentioned at the beginning of this entry... he might actually try to work around my already hectic schedule. Part of me really wants to work with him, and to work on and fully flesh-out a character; the other part hopes he can't accomodate me so that I'll have a smidgen of free time here and there. I'm getting better at making truly decisive decisions, but I'm letting this one slide a bit. I'll know more Tuesday.

Watched a bit of the old Moyers special on Joseph Campbell tonight-- I could just watch that one again and again.

In other news, I'm 40% ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET, 14% PUNK and 43% GEEK. I rather expected to be MORE PUNK and LESS GEEK, but I do not have the incredible amount of knowledge and background in psychology as these test-makers do, so what do I know. ; P

Oh, and jftr, if I were an affliction, I'd be a raging case of GONNORHEA. Just thought you should know.


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