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On Vampires, Terrible Ghosts and Magic (and the seven deadly sins)

Saturday, 10/25

Slept in, then went to Ames. I had a costume to finish, and quickly. Basically, I needed to make cheerleader pom-ponsa. I poked around the craft section and found brown, black-backed vinyl. Perfect! The fabric lady wanted to be my new best friend-- she sold me 2.5 yards of $8 vinyl as 2 yards of $3 calico, and gave me her phone number so that we could discuss tarot readings. I also picked up a vinyl cutter (basically, a overpriced box-cutter with a curved blade), and a "classic outdoor games" stickball set for a buck-sumpthin' (made very good pom-pon handles, plus I have a pink rubber ball and sidewalk chalk-- bonus!).

When I got home, I grabbed my T-square and went up to the attic to attack the vinyl with the cutter (there is little I could do that would make my attic floor look any worse than it already does).

That's when the screaming began.

It seems there are monsters of some sort living in the eaves. I called Maxman to help me scare them away, but he just poked around nonchalantly, stepped on the vinyl whenever it looked like I might get any work done, and eventually left.

Still the inhuman screaming.

The cutter wasn't working very well, and the screaming was rather unnerving, so I grabbed my things and came back downstairs. I finished off the pom-pons with scissors. It was frustrating, but easier than trying to use the boxcutter. They came out looking like dime-store floggers, but that was just perfect.

Had just stepped out of the rinse-away-the-frustration shower, when Eman knocked on the door. ACK! I hate being such a latenik. He brought sushi, so I had some of that, then went to get dressed.

I wore an impossible costume.b

Anywho, we eventually made it to Bob & Nancy's for their annual fest. Was nice, though probably the quietest party of their's I'd ever been to. Bob was a prisoner, Nance was a witch.

Then we were off to Joanna & Amanda's. Party there was good... highlights--
  • Joanna's Faces of Gummy-bear Death cakec
  • Fast bad punk band (the best kind) in the basement
  • Delicious rum-spiked cider

Joanna was a modern-day Betty Boop. Dan was Charlie Brown. Amanda was some odd ligerish creature (quite cool). Jack was an entirely-too-convincing Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Janet was a lovely little sailor girl (and a very sailor-moonish one, at that). Eman was Ceasar Garcia. Michele was herself ten years younger.

The party was winding down, so we hit Albany. We stopped into the Lark Tavern, and I met fatmojo!!

No, really! How cool is that!!!

His band was playing, so he was kinda easy to pick out (the webcam icon pic did help). He didn't know whom I was, though-- in retrospect, I probably should've pulled a Miss Cleod on him.

Anywhose, it was tres wonderful : ) He's super-nice, and Loader is even better than I'd imaged they'd be. Highly recommended; go see.

Then M and E and I stopped at Rome (gay bar, for lack of any better PC term) and Lionheart (her local yokel bar), and then we stayed at M's place.

Sunday, 10/28

Brunch at Stephanie's-on-the-Park,
Brunch at Stephanie's-on-the-Park,
Brunch at Stephanie's-on-the-Park,
Oh, is there anything better?

Loretta, an old friend of mine (and Eman's) was singing there, too... I hadn't seen her in years. Definitely the weekend for serendipitous singer sightings.

Monday, 10/29

Rehearsal. This time, we drank tea at Jack's place, and actually had a business meeting. We did not, of course, bother to rehearse.f

Tuesday, 10/30

Karaoke! Michele even joined us this time around. I'm fighting a touch of bronchitis, so I didn't sing very well.

Cher - Gypsies, Tramps & Thievesh
Frank Sinatra - Witchcraft
Duet with K - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

I wanted to sing Rod Stewart's Maggie Mae, but the DJ lost the disk. Planned on replacing that one with Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz, but I *kathunked*

Wednesday, 10/31

It snowed/sleeted today.

Had intended to go to Albany for an Edgar Allan Poe-tryg reading, and then seeing Conehead Buddhah, but didn't really feel up to it.

Instead, E and I saw Nosferatuj at Proctor's.

AWESOME. Avery Tunningley performed his own original score on Goldie (Proctor's famous Mighty Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ). It's simply amazing what that pipe organ can do. And it raises and lowers hydraulically! Nifty effect... and probably the subject matter of a few jokes.

Avery, decked out in dashing vampire regalia, began innocently enough with a medley of Tom Leher songs (I kid you not). At the first song, Eman started singing bits of "Vatican Rag" under his breath. During the next song, I started singing "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" under my breath. By the time "Masochism Tango" turned up we were laughing our fool heads off.

We laughed our fool heads off for much of the rest of the movie, exchanging witticisms as the situation warranted.

English was no better in bygone days, really the height of 1922 goth fashion a zillion buttons, a zillion and one sounds

We ate at Ground Round, as is our custom. I paid with a $50... our waiter gave me change for $100. I did, of course, return itk.

Did you know that this is the first Halloween that's seen a full moon in 46 years? S'true. You'll have to wait 'til 2020 for the next one.


Regional dialect and windoze-bashing from dewhitton

The origins of the peace sign as we know it from i

http://web.archive.org/ scottobear
This Wayback Machine, containing over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages archived from 1996 on is especially interesting, and I urge you to check it out.

Big Shazammy Welcomes and
Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to shazam


A Blessed Samhain and Joyous New Year to All who Celebrate


A Happy Halloweenie, Every One

And now, I go *kathunk*

Treats to those who want 'em, those who need 'em, and those who don't trick me.

a Yes, they are pom-pons, not pom-poms.
b Throw-away line. No further explanation was given.
c Gummi-bears beheaded, gummi-bears impaled, gummi-bears squeezed-to-death by gummi-snakes (worms)-- you get the picture.
d "Give me your palm! You are a vegetarian, with a cat, and a beloved gf (*flipsthroughjournal* er-- fiance! how'd I miss that one?! Congrats!!!), who is thinking about buying a house! I should not buy stock in your company!" As it was, I just asked him if he'd been in this band, and that band, and when he showed surprise at having been recognized, I told him I'd never seen him before ; P
e I'm sure there is, but it was good nonetheless.
f It's improv, for heaven's sake.
g Wonder why they didn't think of that one. Perhaps they did, and thought better of it.
h Got a few compliments on that one, though I'm not very pleased with how my voice was (mis)behaving
i Hm... not coming up for me, but maybe that's just my browser being weird again.
j The 1922 movie, as opposed to the band Nosferatu, or the lj user mouseferatu
k And did not implement E's devious plan to leave it on the table looking like a REALLY big tip.
v The title of this entry is actually the title of the book the protagonist briefly reads and laughs-off as nonsense in the movie. We never did hear about terrible ghosts, magic or the seven deadly sins. Pity.

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