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Sunday Catsup


Discworld rocks my sphereworld.
I just devoured Soul Music.
Any guy who makes a joke about "The Whom" is cool in my book (or his own books, for that matter). I wonder how many people have wondered about that name over the years? You know I have.
How could I have possibly lived 33 6 years on this earth and not read this guy's stuff before? It really doesn't seem likely, does it.
I expect to read moreTerry Prachett in future1.

Now reading Nabakov's Look at the Harlequins. Not right now. See previous footnote.

Saturday 10/20

Lunch with Eman (who had to work) at Ambition's Cafe (great place, remind me to take you there when you visit). Had the crabcake w/ horseradish sauce and balsamic vinagrette salad : ) MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Spent lots of moolah during my walk back down Jay Street2 to my car:
  • Closeouts store-- never seen this shoppe before, so I just stopped in out of curiousity. Picked up a most loveable red nubby cardigan sweater with weird shell-like buttons (I adore it); a blue cardigan, also with neat buttons; two too-tight turtlenecks: light blue, and sage green; and a long skirt for work. Got all these loverly brand-new, perfect, and brand-name items for $80. I'm happy, and the shopkeeper seemed thrilled I happened into her store. Yay.
  • Magic Herb-- lotsa incense, bag for my journals : ) It EXACTLY fits my tree-o'-life sketchbook and the journal Mousie gave me, and there's room in the front pockets for pens.
  • Used Bookstore-- some old book on Ethics & the above-mentioned Nabakov (which jumped out of me, as in the dream, but wasn't what I expected)
  • Open Door-- saw a beautiful pair of gray earrings, which I bought immediately. I did not dare venture further into the store.

Monday 10/21

Rehearsed. This time, we went to Joanna's, and sat around.

The W's cat, Pause, was put to sleep : / I loved that evil cat so much. No, really. She hated everybody. Even me. But we loved her so anyway. She will be missed. I need to find that guy and give him a hug when he's feeling better.

Tuesday 10/22

Had a make-up3 class scheduled, but it was cancelled.

Went to karaoke with E again. This time, I sang:
  • Linda Ronstadt's When Will I be Loved
  • Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Janis Ian's At 17
  • AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long

I got lotsa compliments on Total Eclipse. *blush* Even in the bathroom, which struck me as somewhat odd4.

They don't have Thunder Road, Please Mister Please, Just a Girl or any Ani. Bummer.

I asked if this one guy was dating this girl I know. I got the explanation that no, he's gay. Well, the gay guy just asked me out. It all becomes clear by and by.

Wednesday, 10/22

Class was cancelled. Don't think I did much of note.

Thursday, 10/23

Vanquished (or at least momentarily tamed) the Eville Laundrymonster.

Friday, 10/24

What the heck did I do?! Oh yes-- I wanted to go to see a staged reading of Faustas, but E had food on his mind (and I wasn't about to go alone-- besides, I was hungry, too, and I haven't been taking care of myself nearly well enough in that department of late). So we went to Mangia's Cafe and CHOWED.

I got the shellfish tetrazzini (tender scallops, shrimps and lobstermeat in a sherry cream sauce, over angel-hair pasta), their nummy salad, and finished up with chocolate mousse pie (a layer of white chocolate over a layer of milk chocolate, over a layer of dark chocolate-- each layer had a distinct taste and texture... I was literally seeing double afterward).

Yesterday and Today

Did a lot, and had a lot of fun in the process. Deserves its own post, really.

Happy Belated Birthdays to
! ! !
I wish you every happiness this year (though not simultaneously-- that'd be messy, for certain).

and a Big Fuzzy Welcome to
Maxman keeps pestering me to give him one of my invites... Perhaps I should.

And jftr, I miss Sunday i llustrations.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em and those who don't run away quickly enough.

1 Well, in present, really, since that's all we can ever really experience; but present presently removed from now.
2 A closed-to-traffic cobblestone street with neat stores that don't get nearly enough business.
3 Make-up as in to make-up for a class I missed. Not eyeliner, blush, etc.
4 Actually, the bathroom really isn't so odd at all, really.

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