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Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag Flag, New England

Postdated; composed on 10/19/01

why is my mane blowing backwards?Six Flags was a blast : )

Eman showed up at my place unable to remove the key from his ignition. He also locked his car doors when he came upstairs to have breakfast while we searched for help online : P He took a cab back home to get his other key, while I talked to the guys at the auto place next door. After he came back, I played around with the gear shift, and the key came out. Go figure.

Anywho, we picked up a couple cans of soda on the way (you save $8 when you bring a certain type of soda can) and rapidly drank them before we went in. On our way, we met a lady who wanted to sell us a couple comp tickets she had for $10 each (regular price is closer to $40!). Ignoring the voice in my head of "too good to be true, too good to be true, run away, run away," I inspected the tickets and found them to appear very valid. They were, indeed, and so we got in cheapcheap : )

See that teensy box of thirty some odd people at the top?They wouldn't allow me to bring my Implement of Destruction into the park. What am I gonna do with a Swiss Army Knife, hijack a rollercoaster to Australia? Ah, well.

The lines were sooo small-- we couldn't have picked a better day : ) Superbonus-- it was Octoberfest : D So we walked around with (good imported) beers all day, too. Yes, life is SCHWEET.

Wait-- before we go ANYWHERE-- #&$^@ Merry Go-Round! Yeah, we're weirdos. It was fun, though : )

Went on Superman, Ride of Steel twice-- that was, by far, the best rollercoaster. It was our first (real) ride, and our last. The first time we rode in the second seat, the second time we rode in the front : ) At the first drop, you can't even see the rails-- it's a truly disconcerting feeling. On the third drop, Eman's lighter rose out of his pocket, never to be seen again.

We went on the Joker ride, which was less than an unfunny joke. We rode the Poison Ivy kiddie coaster, because we're weird that way.

Flashback, this looping coaster that goes in reverse, was fabulous. Unfortunately, it did not come equipped with headrests, so I ended up flashbacking to my old case o' whiplash (s'okay now).

RIIIDE THE COMET!We kept running into this kid who reminded me of a 12-year-old version of zztzed.

Lessee... we went on all the rollercoasters... the Comet was quite cool : ) I adore old wooden coasters. They have a certain give to them that steel ones don't. Didn't get to go on the ferris wheel because we waited until sunset (isn't that the best time, though?!). Did get to catch a wee bit of sunset from the take-you-way-up-and-drop-your-ass-really-fast ride though.

I ate knockwurst. Ugh. It was tasty, but my body is simply not made for processing pre-processed meat products. And we listened to an Oom-pah band that had one of those huge alpine horns (like in the Ricola commercial) ...what are they called again? Ah, yes: Alpine Horns. Oh, and I got my picture taken with Sylvester, who kept trying to drink my beer.

Because I waited so damned long to write this entry, I can't remember many other specifics. BUT WASN'T IT WORTH THE WAIT?!! OK, fine.

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