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Your People I Do Not Understand (or really really boring miscellaneous stuff).

not last fri and sat, but the weekend before (the 5th and 6th)
Completely rearranged my livingroom by m'self, monster couch and all. Finally installed my dsl. It was LAAAME! I now know more about dns and subnet masking... well, than I did the previous weekend, I guess. It's working well now, though of course I can't think of any songs I want to dl atm. Any suggestions?

sun 7
Sick. Sick. Really sick.

mon 8 & tues 9
Still sick, but worked anyway. Wouldn't have gone in Tues, but we had a new employee starting. As it was, we trained her all afternoon and she never came back : P Then I got my very first manicure : )

wed 10
Saw Planet of the Apes w/ Eman. I hereby declare this The Summer of the Really Bad Movie Endings. Had dinner at Ground Round first. Twas nummy. Heard all about England, and Eman gave me a very pretty pin from London. Exactly the sort of thing I had been looking for at the Irish fest, too.

thurs 11
Worked all day, got new tires on my car, got my hair coloured and portions of my eyebrows forcefully ripped from my face, and did major food shopping. Not simultaneously, no. Eman had picked up his PS2 and left red white and blue flowers in its stead. He rocks.

fri 12
Worked late, stared at my monitor for several hours when I got home. I think I played isketch.

sat 13
Had nummy sushi. Performed. We was good. I was a red truck and James Brown and a woman who liked to pick bugs out of people's hair and a one-legged aerobics instructor-cum-hairdresser-with-a-yearning-for-muscrat-pie, and a bunch of other people and things (also not simultaneously). I just love making people laugh, I really do : ) My body, however, is not keen on the fact that I don't mind resorting to pratfalls to do it. Afterwards, we went and played some pool, then headed to the goth/industrial/just-plain-weird-and-fun dance club, where a very respectable client of mine tried to pick me up. It must have been the pigtails (it's always the pigtails).

sun 14
Ached. Ached some more. Moaned, groaned, did mucho laundry. Saw Eman's pics from England. Made taco pie (: D) and half-watched PBS (surprise, surprise). They were telling me all about the Tootsies. I figured that maybe they took the commercial to heart (which of course got that song stuck in my head).1 But I digress. They live near the Whotwos. Yes, the Whotwos.2 I'm such a Seusshead. I then watched the Gilligan's Island thing.3

today 15
Went to rehearsal. We played some really productive darts and drank cocoa.

Karioke? Maybe.

don't you want to make your own bagpipes?
Of course you do.

belated bdays
 3: terra - pyoko
 7: ralphnader - crazee newspaperhead
 9: ladyjanegrey - it takes a few shots to kill the pink protein4
 9: appletossing - hit the ducky, win a ballad4
11: ellie - Ellie

warmses welcomeses

Two new friends, two old friends : ) I quite like them all.

Oh, and a very special welcome back to themouse! : )
You get extra-big *SMOOOOOCH*es today.

1 You know-- ~Whatever it is I think I see/Becomes a Tootsie Roll to me!~
2 Fine-- I suppose that "Tutsi" and "Hutu" sound more genuine your refined ears!
3 I've seen every episode three times or more. I had a crush on Bob Denver as a kid... right before I had that wicked Peter Tork crush. I was a weird kid.
4 Yes, I do realize she may not see this.
9 Strange beautiful grass of green, with your majestic silver seas... your mysterious mountains I wish to see closer; may I land my kinky machine?

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