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The incredible shrinking ldy (no relation to the incredible man, or the incredible edible egg)

I'm sorta here/not here. I likely won't be around much (if at all) for the next few days. I'm OK; just busy. I desperately need to pay attention to my life (the non-computerized parts). Plus, I'm actually trying to get some sleep on a fairly decent basis (I just passed out for two hours, and will return BEFORE 11) : )

I shall install this DSL thing soon, and prolly write about that upon my return (too busy for broadband; how scary is that?)... then I'll play catch-up with the SIX FLAGS adventure (we had a BLAST). And I will eventually come back to SIGGRAPH and DRAGONCON and anything-else important enough to be entirely capitalized.

In the meantime, between drudgeries, I'll engage in some fun non-taskchair activities, like improv, and checking Eman's mail (woot?)... and perhaps I'll go for a bike ride, or make some time to poke at the PS2 Eman so thoughtfully left sitting in my livingroom (he and M are enroute to England right now-- woot!). I also need to do something about getting a new computer rather soon.

Please email me if need be (or even if you just want to). I may pop on AIM, too; though I expect it will only be briefly.

No comment on the kinky surveys (yes there has been more than one on my friends list today). But maybe I'll catch up with those, too, at some point. *blush*

Happy Belated Birthdays

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Just in Case I'm Not Back Yet

Miscy flashy linkies:
http://www.simarena.com (mouseferatu)
http://www.praystation.com (pyrop)
http://www.flasharcade.com/game.cgi?newtonsnightmare (scottobear)

Be well, my friends. I'm doin' some dishes, then goin' back t'bed. : )

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