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Moses supposes his toeses are roses (but his feet just ain't sweet)

Apologies in advance for the superscrollage.

Only in Schenectady...
I didn't know the Molson Golden Breakfast came with the special!  Woowee!

Still tired, still rather down, but that won't prevent me from posting; nosiree!!

Went to the Irish 2000 Fest (they've called it that since 1999; we're not sure why... maybe they save a fortune on banners, who knows) last Saturday... 'twas a good time, as always.

Saw my friends... Had a couple black and tans... Ate a pretzel... Caught part of Seven Nations, and a good bit of The Young Dubliners. Yum : )

I am far too pretty to write inI bought this book at the fest.
It's small, s'portable, s'leather, s'the tree o' life.
It smells wonderful. We'll see if I actually use it for sketching.

Had rehearsal on Tuesday at J's. Half the cast didn't make it, so we basically chatted a bit, had a couple beers and listened to reggae and Ani. Good work, people! (Note to self: she's having a party Oct 27th-- think of an awesome costume, and remember to throw the sleeping bag and the inflatable mattress in the car the day before.)

Work has been insane. Our first pick washed out, so we're starting second interviews Friday. I've been working so much overtime... and I'm salary : P I mentioned it to my boss, and he slipped me $60 for my trouble. Thanks, bossman.

I went for another walk in the park today. Here are some pics. There are a lot of 'em, but they're really small. I hope they don't screw up anybody's friends page. (Wow-- it was almost exactly a year ago... I thought of that post today as took a picture of a wire brush I saw lying on the ground-- it was almost exactly the same colours as the angry sheep/pig/boar)

duck! horsehead! rockets re-entry

We're better than you. No, we are the chosen horses.

a rose another rose another rose another rose

another roseMiscellaneous links o' the week:
http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=mwcggbumhhwlsse (sir_lance_a_lot)
http://www.weirdemma.com (scottobear)
http://www.spyonit.com (scottobear)
http://www.audioreview.com/reviews/Speaker/product_8661.shtml (kvance)
http://guardian.simplenet.com/text/rpg.html (tarpo)
http://www.lego.com/studios/screening/movie.asp?title=montypython (tarpo)
There were others, I think... they must've gotten lost in cyberspace along the bluescreen way. Another reason to get (or build) a new comp real soon.

another rose another rose

and yet another roseWelcome aboard:
Pleased to meetcha : )
I hope I didn't miss anyone.

a weed; but it's pretty stop, look, and cock your head sideways... YUMMY

I just saw SheDaisy's "I'll be your everything" on Drew Carey. What does it mean when I cry my eyes out to a catchy little pop song on a sketch comedy show?

I think it means I'm a sleepy little miss lady girl. Goodnight, moonpies.

the last rose

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