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Evvybuddyiez godda liddle light underdasun

I worked 10+ hours today at full steam. I called back the narrowed-down list of applicants again. I researched. I wrote a lot. I answered questions. I answered phones. I know more about 19-NORANDROSTENEDIONE and testosterone precursors than I wish to. If somebody buys it, it may be my fault. Not that it's bad; it's just hard to pronounce (and should not be taken if you have had prostate or breast cancer). It works well stacked with diols, but I didn't write about that. In other news, 5-hydroxy-gaba is pretty neat, too.

I came home and read over 125 entries.

I did a lot of other stuff.

I drank my dinner. It was full of lemony goodness, so I had another.

I know for a fact that it's time for a third, because I'm already on it.

I'm wearing a teal and gold silk kimono that changes colours in the light.
(Actually, it's probably not all silk, but it's still pretty nifty.)

It's delicious. I don't have much of a palate for fabrics, but I attest that it is so.

I'm exhausted, aren't I. Don't answer that.

~Now I lay me down to sleep...~

What, and miss the possiblity of truly surreal conversation? Nevah!

... so, who wants to play yahtzee? Go fish? Anyone? Oh, c'mon... I have a really big paperclip.... you know you want to...

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