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Yup, colouring is good, wholesome entertainment

This week's i llustration

I likes to colour
click for larger image in a new window

In other news, last night's improv went swimmingly1. Turnout was so good that we had to set-up extra chairs! We had tons of fun, and look forward to doing it again next month. Bonus: I made $12 ; )

Afterwards, I had margaritas with some of the cast, then played some incredible pool with men in matching shirts2, and some meh darts with E-Man, Michele and Dragonmaker Jack.

I was supposed to go to Six Flags New England today, but felt like crap this morning. I'm feeling better now, though. What a waste-- I didn't even go outside (except to get the paper, milk, and some overcooked pizza).

I'm hiring another person at work. I'm having the opposite problem of the one I've had in the past-- too many qualified applicants! Phone interviews are over; the face-to-face interviews begin tomorrow. Wish me luck3.

I'm still in shock from Tuesday. I expect I will be for some time4.

I'm pretty confident the math problem posted earlier is All Good. While it wasn't exactly upper-level calculus, it was reassuring that my math skills haven't completely atrophied. I haven't used math for much more than making change and reducing photos in many years.

scottobear pointed me to this nifty reference:
Check it out. It's a linguaphile's5 wet dream, it is.

Welcome, jait!
I hope your trip is enjoyable and without trouble, and look forward to getting to know you upon your return.

And once again,
beautiful mermaiden
: )

I wish you every happiness, always.

*Hugs* to everybody. Goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite6.

1 One cast member once compared our Fearless Leader's directorial style during MacBeth as "teaching children how to swim by throwing them in the lake." He went on to say that he had no fear during improv, because we are all such accomplished swimmers : )

2 I was playing singles. I prefer singles-- they go more quickly, and I tend to focus better. They insisted on playing doubles because they really, really wanted to, and had gone to the trouble of dressing alike. They wore matching plain white t-shirts. : P

3 Especially since it's past me bedtime again.

4 Please make them stop playing that SubWay™ "God Bless America" commercial. They may have meant well, but it's really bugging me.

5 This word was coined by Anu Garg. Please go here if you love words, and do not already get A.Word.A.Day.

6 Unless you're into some weird sort of insect beastiality, in which case, please enjoy yourself tonight, and consider seeking professional help tomorrow.

7Is this a record for posts in a day from me? No!! It's past midnight! Bwahahaha! Oh, shit-- it's past midnight! I'm goin' to bed!!! Goodnight!

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