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This little light o'mine... I'm gonna let it shine

If you have email (and of course you do), you've probably already seen this umpteen million times.

But just in case you haven't, the gist of the email-of-the-hour is this:

At 7 PM this evening, if you can swing it, go outside your house, your car1, wherever-it-is-you-happen-to-be, and light a candle in remembrance2.

I think the concept of bringing many people together in a gesture of solidarity, even a small one, is powerful and profound.

My only regret was that the originator of the idea did not take time zones into account... Perhaps I'll light another at 8 and at 9 to join in spirit with my Westward friends.


1 For safety's sake, please pull over and stop first.
2 Oh, like we'll ever forget...
3 Yeeps-- I'd better run if I wanna make it home in time!

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