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Colouring is sometimes good wholesome entertainment

An older i llustration (newish to me-- coloured this one Monday night).
I likes to colour
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Thinking I'm finally getting the hang of layers and alpha channels now.

I like colouring pictures with 1s and 0s-- even with simple crayons-- so much more than colouring objective data with emotional bias. But that's just me (these days, anyway).

I had something important to say here... but I forgot it.

Oh, yeah-- the wedding was fun. Everything from cutoffs and tie-dyes, to leather-bound bikers, to semi-formal normalish folk. Weird hanging out with xso. But I suppose that will always be somewhat odd. Especially at weddings.

His Mom called me today to tell me that his brother and sister-in-law weren't hurt in the explosion (they work in NYC). I think his sister-in-law actually saw it happen. I'm so glad they're OK. I enjoyed seeing them at the wedding. I miss my other family. Thinking I should keep in better touch with them now.

A memorable wedding moment

Tuesday's rehearsal was... well, it was almost funny. Hard to be funny on such a somber day. I'm still not certain what we're doing, but since our Fearless Leader doesn't even know what half the improv games are that we do (he always renames them something almost-completely unrelated), I figure we're all in good company with each other. Saturday should be fun.

Note to self: post flyers everywhere.

*sigh* The more things change, the more they remain the same.

I wonder where we're going... I always do, but it seems our velocity is much different now...


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