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~Goin' to California~ (finally)

I arrived in LAX at around 11:30am and hauled my Suitcase o' Doom from the United terminal to the Delta terminal to meet my friend.

Huh? My friend's flight was cancelled. Not delayed, cancelled. I called his cell phone (thank heavens for pre-paid phone cards) and discovered he was in Altanta, drinking a margarita (he's so good at making the best of things!). He said he'd contact the hotel, and would contact me when he finally got a flight.

I then called dufresne, made arrangements to phone him from the hotel, and hailed a cab from the 'port to the hotel.

Hotel didn't know who I was. Just as I was calling dufresne again from the payphones, my friend phoned them. I did the obligatory room paperwork thing, dropped off my stuff, and went back downstairs to meet my first live-in-person lj friend!!

Dufresne's awesomephoto, even if his name is pronounced dü-'frAn instead of dü-'frez-"nE. : ) You can see his take on our day here. We hit it off immediately, and took off to find foodage. We decided on sushi (yum!!) in Japantown. What we didn't realize is that the whole of Japantown was celebrating Nisei Week! Bonus!

Then we wandered to MOCA. They were in-between major exhibits, but we did get to see a smaller exhibit. Whattahoot!

We didn't get dessert at the sushi place, so we helped ourselves to an art exhibitphoto. It was very tasty.

how can you not love this guy? the acrylics weren't nearly as tasty

Sperm is funny, don'tchathinkphoto?

My favourite exhibit wasn't even an exhibit at all. It was an empty room awaiting an installation. I was absolutely captivated by its blue windowphoto.

d contemplates sperm ~blue, blue, my window's blue~

We sat outside and people-watched. This insanely-adorable little girlphoto was posing for everybody else's camera, but always ran away when she saw mine. As a result, I have several pictures of her butt.

There were several groups of women dressed identicallyphoto. Each group had a different colour scheme. I kept expecting a gang geisha rumble to break out. In retrospect, I suspect they were probably dressed for the Ondo Dance (which we missed, though we did get to see the taiko group that provided the music).

The taiko groupphoto was amazing. Just fantabulous. I want a bigass drum, now (not that I have any place to put one).

no justice-- her absolute adorability cannot be captured boomboomBOOM!
~when you're a geish, you're a geish all the way~

Then we went driving. As we were driving down Hollywood Boulevard, dufresne would point and say "Hey-- didja see that?" at every cross-street. It was very comical, because I always missed what he was pointing at. He eventually went up a street and over a street and up another street and over another street to show me... the Hollywood sign ; ) Worth the detour, I think.

Then we went up Sunset Boulevard, and stopped by a trendy little bar (trendy, though I wouldn't call it upscale, which is good) called Red Rocks. We played "spot-the-real-breasts." Not an easy game in LA, I tellya! Lots of conversation, lots of laughs. My friend finally called and we headed back to the hotel. From there, we all went to Swingers-- a diner with a pretty nifty retro comic bookish theme. I ate about half my dinner/breakfast and dozed in the cab on the way back.

It was a Very Good Day. : )

Posted 09/08/01

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