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We have signal.

Oh, I've had a MOST miserable day... no, week. Beyond miserable, really.

I very nearly posted the "I'm in tears, and I think I'm a little too close to Nervous Breakdown Country for comfort" entry earlier : P

But the heat wave has broken, I ate lobster tonight, and drank a daquiri, some Moose Juice and a MHL (in plastic pints-- MUCH tastier than bottles! really!), so things are looking up : )

And I go to
Los Angeles*
on Sunday! Woot!

But first, a word from our sponsors:

If you EVER want to see
your precious pookie again
a widescreen dvd version of
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,
put $50k in unmarked bills inside the tree stump on Elm Street
please sign this NOW.
Thank you! : )

Paid for in part by...
The czircon Foundation for Better Life Stuff
Laying the foundation for the people who make the stuff that make life better (or something).

We now return you to tonight's entry, already in progress

... so I says to Mable, I says, "but what was he doing with the forklift in the first place?!"
< canned laughter >

Whoops, wrong channel!


Welcome to Dinosaur Discovery!

When we last left our intreped explorers, scottobear was about to be eaten by a ravenous Theropod.

But Scott seems to have... Scott? SCOTT?! OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED SCOTTY!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!


This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcasting Service. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed in Swedish, and would be every bit as confused.

We again return you to tonight's entry, still in progress

So, that's why I don't feel terribly bad about the leather corset or latex pants, despite the... oh, it's you again.

What do you want now?

I see... Very interesting.


Everybody wants an
Except when the server glitch is huuuuungreeeee!~


i's Art Corner




So, where was I again? Ah, yes...

Goodnight, Toledo-- I'm here all week! Try the fettuchini, it's fantastic!

Oh, wait-- scratch that. I'm not here all week! And the fettuchini SUCKS!

[ cue the Star Spangled Banner ]


But wait, there's more! Operators are standing by!


Goodnight, moon. And I meant moon as a verb (intransitive-- don't jump to conclusions!).

Before I sign off, furryous welcomes to dankitti! Miss cleopatra recommended you highly-- welcome to my madness : )

Moons to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who spend their days in idle reverie.

* If you live in the Los Angeles area, and would like to sit in our studio audience have a drink or something, do let me know asapish like. Thank youuuu, and goooooodnight!

Where's that dangblasted applause sign when you need it?!!

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