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Listy of Doomy

Ren Faire plans got canc. So I actually get to do some of the stuff I really have to do today!

    Stuff to do:
  • Coffee

  • Poke through LJ

  • Greet my Friend (attempted to do this one first, but he's away)

  • Shower

  • Bleach Sink

  • Dishes

  • Water Plants

  • Give Cat Flea Stuff

  • Research Dining Options

  • Call me Pallies with Dindin Info

  • Spend 14 minutes on hold with AT&T Worldnet to rectify the problem of my username and/or password being invalid, only to get disconnected with them; finally talk to a tech, who has me rename all of my password files : P

  • Eat Heartily

  • Go See Shrek (again)

  • Live, Laugh, Enjoy the Company of me Bestest Pallies

  • Manipulate Image for Work

  • Record Stuff for Zed

  • Put Coat on Nails

  • Begin Organizing New Filing System

  • Filing

I only have ~1 hour, so don't think I'll get to the last four things this afternoon... maybe tonight.

I'm off!

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