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Excuse me while I flash you.

I mentioned a few of the flash files I really enjoyed to elsnaibs... and in gathering info on where he might find them, realized how many there are, and that some of you might also enjoy them.

Instead of trying to find these things where I originally found them (they have a tendency to move, and I just save them rather than bookmark them), I just did another search on the names (so if you get a 404 or whatever, just do a google search on "pika.swf" of "lobsmag.swf" or whatever, and you can find it, too).

So you don't have to look for them online again, you might want to save them somewhere on your disk. In windows, they are downloaded somewhere in your windows file (usually \local settings\temporary internet files\). Click on your windows folder and CTRL+F. Put "*.swf" in the "Named" box. Find the one you just watched, and copy or move it to someplace you might find it again.

First off, these are some of my favourite animators:

Steve Whitehouse
Mr. Man rocks my world : ) From the surreal to the... even more surreal.
(a short daily dose of Mr. Man-- several weeks worth-- can be found at http://www.ucomics.com)

Edgar Beals
I'm especially keen on the Wenchell Bogum series, Giant Cow, and Vaughan. There are a number of things here now that I haven't yet seen... I really look forward to catching up : D (Btw, he's also an awesome artist and webdesigner, imo, and quite the Nice Guy.)

Xeth Feinberg
Xeth took the genre of old cartoons (think "Steamboat Willie") and totally made it his own with the lovable, irrepressable, slightly twisted Bulbo.

Eric Mauro
Mr. Questionhead is simple, elegant, stylistic, and gorgeous.

Kenn Louis
This guy is nuts. I have much catching up to do here.

Joe Cartoon
I really want to hate him. Maybe when I stop laughing I can muster the strength.

Random flashes of... flash

Sorry to not give credit where credit is due, but I barely have time to sleep these days. I know scottobear and pyrop referred me to a few of them.

All Your Base. You've seen this. You MUST have seen this.
(I've also seen this called "AYB2.swf")

Peewee Herman, Harry Potter and Colin Mochrie in the oddest flash I've seen yet.

Magnet made of iron, lobster made of meat.

Why (some) sheep fly.

Glue piece of ham, cool, cool.

A non-red monkey and a euphoneum.

Nintendo weirdness with Those Wacky Mario Twins.

Another bit of Nintendo weirdness... (imo, it needs some music, but still gave me the giggles)

Lactophiliactical bondage.

Another Invasion of the Gabber Robots thing.

Chip 'n Dale are 1337 Cosby RPG'rs.

This is a broken link, and I've not been able to find it elsewhere : / If anyone knows where that hyped up squirrel went, do let me know. I don't have it anywhere, or I'd consider posting it myself..

All your smurf are belong to smurf. Not a favourite, but got a couple giggles.

Also known as "fight3.swf"-- a classic

Not in English. To play, click the top button. Figuring out the controls is half the fun ; P. To watch the various outcomes, click the bottom button, then play with the menus.

Oh, and these bruce lee things are a hoot:
(I've only seen the first... so far)

There are more, but I must sleep.

Sterling Forest Renaisance Faire in the morning?
But wait... it IS morning. Whoops.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those kind enough to carry my nearly-lifeless body to a soft horizontal surface.

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