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Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure (another bizarre dream for your entertainment)

It was hot and humid last night... must've been at least 90ºF in my apartment.

Couldn't sleep. Finally fell into a vivid lucid dream at ~1a...

In this vivid lucid dream, I, my friend, and the entire cast of Macbeth (minus the minors... that's still ~20 people) were carousing kinkily in a cavernous roughly-hewn dungeon of stone hallways and rooms. It was a latex- and leather-bound orgy of FUN.

I should probably mention at this point, that irl (here, too, I suppose), my sexual nature is usually somewhat reserved... and I'm rather keen on monogamy. And for some reason, I never, ever, have dreams about sex (well, excluding the hourly occasional daydream) ; ). None that I recall, anyway.

Despite the fact that the dream was lucid, and waaaaay beyond kinky, my usual reserved nature was on vacation. And I had the time of my life.

No guilt, no stress, no worries... nothing but FUN. Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes... bondage, role-playing, anti-gravity (yeah, that was pretty cool)... everybody was having a wonderful (albeit sweaty) time. I remember it in vivid detail... but don't dare share. Let your imagination run wild... and then run wilder, still.

I achingly melted from dream to full consciousness ~3a. Two full hours of non-stop... erm, action : P It felt like even longer.

And although I didn't really sleep much after that point, I feel more rested and energetic today than I have in weeks. This dream has struck me as something... well, epiphany isn't at all quite the right term, but it has changed me somehow...

In any case, this definitely beats the urine dream ; )


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