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Three nights of freedom; something's on the move

Woohoo! Night off from performance!

So what do I do?

Create a whole plan and design for t-shirts for the cast and crew1. (crappy draft PDF file here, the sideways bat would go on the front, not-so-sideways).

I'm a nut2 .

The director is also a nut; he just emailed me suggesting we have thongs made up, and inviting me to join the improv group.

Whoa-- I'm honored! About the improv part.3 He may also buy the t-shirts (/thongs?) through cafepress as a thank you to cast and crew. Nice, wicked weird guy4.

In other news, I may have found my tattoo...

splizwarf posted in sfwriters a hello with this icon:

It may be too intricate for the small size I have in mind, but I'm smitten. We'll see if I still like it in a few weeks.

In yet other news, I saw A.I. a long time ago... it was good, though it may have ended better underwater. Saw Cats & Dogs yesterday afternoon... it was cute, might make a good matinee or rental.

Got me Dragon*Con tix in the mail today-- YAY! Now I have to develop costumes ; )

Oh, and I'm going to Los Angeles with my friend in August : ) I'm already meeting a Mouse at some point... whom else do I know in the City of Angels?

Hello? Hello?


1 Note: this was just my way of taking a break from thinking about marketing plans for my friend's website. : P
2 Just in case there was any doubt.
3 He also made a snarky comment about my tighty whities : P
4 My kinda people ; )
5 Things are going well... a little TOO well. I'm scared. Hold me?

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