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"I'm not evil and drug-addled; I'm just drawn this way"

Feeling much better-- thanks for all the warm1 and happy thoughts : )

I've jumped on the "create-a-new-icon-with-dollmaker" bandwagon.

It came out a bit, uhm, naughtier-looking (and rather more gothic) than I had intended... and I can't help but notice that daizee and I have have similar heads and taste in tiarras (tiarrae?).

Anywho, still massively busy with rehoisals and schtuff... and still greatly lacking in sleepage2.

Note to self: sit down this weekend and try to remember and post some of the niftier things you've done over the past couple weeks.

Back to work I go...

Ldy needs coffee, badly.

Hope you're having a most splendiferrous day3

1 Erm, make that "cool and happy thoughts"
2 "...sleepage?" Don't mind if I do! *kathunk*
3 Yes, that would be a splendid day of, relating to, or containing iron
4 Oh, the weird little footnotes have returned-- be afeared; be very afeared ; )

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