*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

From Twitter 11-21-2010

  • 00:33:52: Newest pal: Samantha Perkins, the 1930s tranny. My skin is sooooo soooft! Yeah. I'm having fun :) Thx to Maus for last-sec costume change :)
  • 00:43:36: How bizarre... I'm the best-connected newbie here, & not 'cause of Jim. Just got a drink from the guy who runs the monthly fetish parties...
  • 14:51:27: Brunch, yes... (@ Streetcar Charlie's) http://4sq.com/4Odv1V
  • 18:38:38: Body hurt by chains, brain broke by whisky, soul stirred by 2-man Goth Side Story dance number. Yup, Epic night of Awesome at Castle :) #fb
  • 18:42:34: @scottobear Actually, Harvest moon is that closest to autumnal equinox. Hunters moon follows. Tonight's is the full Beaver moon :)
  • 23:32:38: My beau's returned from Germany with nylons, chocolates, jewelry & cigarettes. My life may be anachronistic & odd, but I'd not trade it. #fb

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