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This too shall pass. (Like a kidneystone.)

I'm a wreck, on Prednisone (big part of the reason I'm a wreck, no doubt), and about-to-be busy-as-hell (another part).

Prednisone is a nasty drug and I don't like it. It does appear to be doing a nice job of clearing up the sun-poisoning (which was MUCH worse than I had thought), though, so I suppose it's the lesser of two rather nasty evils.

Been here sporadically-- will be here even less, at least until the play is finished (and considering the state I'm currently in, lj is probably better off without me-- really).

Am exhausted from stumble-through rehearsal today. At least I managed to get my plane tix to D*C, (and began investigating planefares to SIGGRAPH) this evening, though. Yay.

So many of you are in my thoughts right now... sincerely wishing I had the time and/or energy to write you or comment in all your journals individually.


Happy belated birthday wishes to pvx and nashata

I'll be back. Promise (/threat). : P

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em and those who don't run away fast enough from the moody, evil, drug-addled ldy.

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