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untitled - Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
Not unhappy; just pensive, and perhaps a bit lonely.

I know it's not much of an update, but I'm not much of a blogger anymore, I guess.

It's nice to have a place to go at times like these, though.

Wishing I could share more sometimes.

I wonder... yeah. Best not to wonder.

Hope all is well with all of you <3
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ayoub From: ayoub Date: October 1st, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC) (permalink)
*hugs you tight*
hitchhiker From: hitchhiker Date: October 1st, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC) (permalink)

wish i could come hang out
2 tall tales or Tell me a story