*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

From Twitter 09-26-2010

  • 11:39:46: @Jim_Beeler Feeding the beasties. Be on Skype soonishly :)
  • 20:59:59: @gnat For the longest time, I thought FTW was just a very F'ed up WTF.
  • 21:16:56: RT @qikipedia: Ten brilliant optical illusions from @RichardWiseman http://tinyurl.com/2cobymp
  • 21:31:36: RT @Margoandhow: A compliment from a D wife re her R. husband: "He is coherent in his own way. He has legitimate reasons 4 all the repel ...
  • 21:45:21: Sitting on my porch w/ a nice glass of wine & the pets, deciding if I really need another meal after The Massive Brunch o' Awesome Doom. #fb
  • 22:56:49: Cat fight on the front porch between Miss G and Random Feral. Miss G's mad at me now. :( MmmmrrrrrrEeeeooooOooOOOOWOWWWWW!

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