*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 00:19:07: At Video Game Costume Night at Twitch as TWITCH-- THE INFOCOM ADVENTURE. Clearly, I win The Game. ;) (@ University Club)
  • 00:27:36: TWITCH-- THE INFOCOM ADVENTURE:http://plixi.com/p/45188125
  • 12:09:01: @Jim_Beeler Groene...Gronne... erm, the Netherlands looks amazing! Have you explored much yet?
  • 21:28:50: @SatiricPacifist Microsoft Project is good, but pricey... there are decent knockoffs online. I usually use a souped-up excel spreadsheet.
  • 21:33:01: You can't dance here. And you'd better take your so-called friends with you, whether they can dance or not. #rockretractions
  • 21:36:05: My eyesight is actually quite good... and Miss Sakamoto hasn't aged particularly well. #rockretractions
  • 21:38:32: Sunshine on one's shoulders often results in a bad burn and an increased risk of melanoma. #rockretractions
  • 21:42:40: I totally would't go through that crap with Fernando again. #rockretractions
  • 21:46:12: She may have been a small-town girl, but it was the 11:22 to Chicago, if you want to be pedantic about it. #rockretractions
  • 21:56:06: Turns out, she never really wanted a monkey, and I can't recall the last time I bought Kraft dinners. #rockretractions
  • 21:58:31: You weren't my first, you won't be my last, and you'll only get half if the pre-nup holds. #rockretractions
  • 21:59:25: RT @JennQPublic: Okay, here's the situation, my parents went away on a week's vacation & I sat on my ass playing WoW. #rockretractions
  • 22:05:53: Big hands was reasonably well-endowed, but I require more from a long-term relationship. #rockretractions
  • 22:10:09: I guess you could say that John at the bar is really more of a coworker than an actual friend. #rockretractions
  • 22:14:42: Many young women find meaningful careers and relationships as much as or more enriching than mere fun. #rockretractions
  • 22:18:28: In retrospect, short skirts & long jackets are available anywhere; perhaps I should have focused more on the individual. #rockretractions
  • 22:24:01: The hottest place north of Havana on any given day is probably in Death Valley, not some air-conditioned club. #rockretractions
  • 22:33:18: I really should have gathered my thoughts and formulated a plan before waking Maggie up. #rockretractions
  • 22:38:13: Despite outdated stereotypes, southern girls often have quite a lot to lose. #rockretractions
  • 22:43:52: Apparently, these sneakers are designed for walking, and are probably far more ergonomic than those old boots. #rockretractions
  • 23:30:24: I haven't had a cry like this in a good long time. The trigger's specific, but goes deeper. Wishing Jim were here to chase away the ghosts.

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