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Melodious Malodorous Mel (note: there's no Malodorous Mel)

I've stolen, rewritten, and edited for content....

1. Song that reminds you of waking up in the morning -- Richie Havens; Here Comes the Sun
2. Song that's best to walk to school drive fast to -- Pat Metheny; The Roots of Coincidence
3. Song that's best to walk home from school drive slow to -- Nick Drake; Pink Moon
4. Song that's best on Sunday afternoon -- Jethro Tull, Wind-Up / anything Spyro Gyra
5. Song that's best to listen to at night while walking -- Monty Python; Lumberjack Song
6. Song that's best to listen to at night at home -- Gerry Rafferty; Baker Street
7. Song that reminds you of your childhood -- Beatles; Penny Lane / Supertramp; Logical Song
8. Song that's best for when it is raining -- Anything Rondo' Veneziano / Holst; The Planets
9. Song that reminds you of traveling -- Shadowfax; Oasis
10. Song that reminds you that everything is wonderful -- 5th Dimension; Aquarius / Louie Armstrong; It's a Wonderful World
11. Song that makes you swoon -- Fisher; I Will Love You Forever
12. Song that's best to fall asleep to -- Pat Metheny and Jim Hall; Moonsong
13. Song that's best to sing really loud to -- Tom Leher; Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
14. Song that's best to ride your bike to -- Mozart; Marriage of Figaro - Overture (got me through the 5-borough bike race one year, it did; and in my head no less!)
15. Song that makes you bop regardless of who's watching -- Doors; Peace Frog
Disclaimer: Answers subject to change at any given moment

1. Favorite music group -- Pat Metheny / Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
2. Favorite song -- Changes moment-to-moment
3. Favorite music group when you were 13 -- Jethro Tull
4. Music group that you liked then, but do not anymore -- Don't know... everything has its place
5. Music group that you still like after years and years -- Floyd, Tull, Yes, old Genesis
6. Music group that you are embarassed that you liked -- I'm only slightly embarrassed for really liking so many heavy-metal hair bands.

Top ten albums
1. Pat Metheny; Secret Story
2. Jethro Tull; Stand Up
3. Pink Floyd; Meddle
4. Stanley Jorden; Bolero
5. Pat Metheny; Imaginary Day
6. Bela Fleck & the Flecktones; Left of Cool
7. David Benoit; American Landscape
8. Acoustic Alchemy; Positive Thinking
9. Grateful Dead; Terrapin Station
10. Spyro Gyra; [insert random Spyro Gyra album here]
I expect that I'll add Rondo' Veneziano; Magica Melodia to this somewhere at some point, but it's too new (to me) at this point.

I have so much to write about my week... but all of it is escaping me right now. Let me see if I can pluck a few things outta my brain.

Wed: Like I remember as far back as Wednesday. Getouttahere. Oh, yeah; I did an on-site review at a client's location, and watched Nureyev's Don Quixote on PBS. (If it weren't for chatlogs, I'd be hopeless.)

Thurs: Got me gremlinatacious car fixed, to the tune of $400. Lousy tune; damn the composer. Didn't go to bellydancing; got some cleaning done around the house instead. Yay.

Fri: received present from my friend-- homemade dutch apple pie (YUM) and a CD chock-full of cool MP3s (including 5 disks of Disney, and 2 of Rondo' Veneziano). Everybody cancelled out on doing anything, so I went to Blockbuster to rent The Nightmare Before Christmas ("What's This?!" on one of the Disney CDs made me really yearn for it). For the record, I don't rent movies. I've two VCRs, and I've probably used one of them twice. I have to REALLY want to see something to bother with it. That said, can you believe that my Blockbuster no longer carries The Nightmare Before Christmas?! I was disappointed. Got Emperor's New Groove instead. Didn't watch it : P

Sat: Went to rehearsal. It was cancelled. Came home, cleaned. Did laundry with E. Played Mindtrap over laundry and dinner (Ground Round). Relaxed a bit, showered, changed, and went to B & N's party. Saw xso, who was leaving as I was arriving. Had a good time. Went to the local yokel bar with M & E and stayed 'til closing.

Sun: Slept, slept... slept some more. Got Taco Schmell and watched Emperor's New Groove with E. About to do the sleep thing again.

Somewhere along the way (Thursday, maybe?), I picked up the last Harry Potter book. Nice light summer reading, that.

I had a bunch of links I wanted to share at one point, but have somehow managed to lose them. I'll check under the bed and get back to you.
In the meantime,
Darn you to heck, duinlas (got to 30, jftr)
...and darn you, too, papoose (forgot how far I got)
(Please let me know if the nested links cause a problem with your browser-- thanks!)

Big Welcomes to...
edgarallanpoe and prytania!

</i>Edgar, I feel like I've known you forever (more?)... and prytania, I look forward to getting to know you better!</i>

Oh, before I go, I'd like to compliment everyone who knew their Schoolhouse Rocks : )
I discovered a neat factoid through that, which I'd like to briefly share...

The great story behind Grammar Rock is Lynn Aherns, who wrote three of the songs (including "A Noun Is a Person, Place, or Thing") and went on to write the lion's share of the America Rock and Science Rock series--and, in the years since, three Broadway shows and the score for Disney's Anastasia. A secretary at the ad agency that produced the series, she was discovered after bringing her guitar in to work. [stolen from here]

Further investigation revealed that she and composer Stephen Flaherty are the team responsible for musicals like Seussical and Ragtime (among others). Just thought I'd share.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough

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