*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 01:16 I'm at The Laboratory, A Cafe Of Science (818 West University Ave, 8th street, Gainesville). 4sq.com/9QoI2S #
  • 13:52 Stumblethrough? Already?! Yesh! (@ Gainesville Community Playhouse) 4sq.com/bMqSFe #
  • 16:03 The Man in the Mirror says it's now The Mansion of Mons Venus. How can I argue? (@ The Palace of Poon) 4sq.com/9DVSxD #
  • 18:00 I am truly and deeply tired, but there is FigPucking afoot and huzzahing to be done to celebrate yesterday's semi-final win. To the Lab! #fb #
  • 18:39 Closed, schmosed! Go FigPuckers! Wherever you are :P (@ The Laboratory, A Cafe Of Science) 4sq.com/9QoI2S #
  • 18:48 Black Swan? I love the Writers and the music They choose. I am the only FigPucker here, other than Larry. With his gf and Dan. It's surreal. #
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