*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 00:27 DJ: "This next song is for YOU." Next song: Triffids "Wide Open Road." He meant the _next_ song after, but I applaud my Writers. #
  • 00:42 "Keep feeling fascination, living, learning, moving on" #
  • 01:28 @I_am_Ozma And would that matter, in the way you think it does? Or would it change your reality on a more fundamental level? #
  • 02:45 Didn't plan on staying, but there were hugs, and dancing, and bizarre comedy. So, yes. Still... there are other things I'd have preferred. #
  • 02:51 I feel very small; very inconsequential. True in the big scheme of things, maybe less so in the micro. But valid, emotionally, nonetheless. #
  • 03:44 Srsly, mosquito? Four times while I was thinking in my driveway, and not including the one on my hand? ttp://yfrog.com/mudghoj #
  • 19:51 Splashing with Goths. (@ Sunbay Apartments) 4sq.com/9ygMD9 #
  • 23:04 Woohoo! It's my birthday! #
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