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Electric Ldyland

Onto the bandwagon I jump...

1: chloroldy (chloro-ldy) green colored ldy {~chloroldy, lovely ldy~}
2: electroldyscope (electro-ldy-scope) instrument for viewing or measuring electric ldy
3: antildy (anti-ldy) opposite or opposing ldy
4: electroldy (electro-ldy) electric ldy
5: electroldyant (electro-ldy-ant) being, promoting or causing electric ldy
6: ldyium (ldy-ium) chemical element or group ldy
7: stereoldy (stereo-ldy) solid or three dimensional ldy
8: ldyologist (ldy-ologist) one who studies ldy
9: overldyitis (over-ldy-itis) inflammation or disease of excessive ldy
10: ldyess (ldy-ess) a female ldy
11: ldyably (ldy-ably) performing in a manor [sic] worth of ldy
12: ldyization (ldy-ization) process or result of doing or making ldy
13: pneumoldy (pneumo-ldy) air ldy
14: microldy (micro-ldy) small ldy
15: cephaloldy (cephalo-ldy) head ldy
16: thermldymeter (therm-ldy-meter) device for measuring heat of ldy
17: psycholdy (psycho-ldy) mental activities or the mind of ldy
18: monoldyish (mono-ldy-ish) of, relating to, or being one or a single ldy
19: ornitholdyise (ornitho-ldy-ise) to cause to be or to become bird ldy
20: archldyious (arch-ldy-ious) full of or having the qualities of highest or most important ldy

Sigh. I took tonight off rehearsal so that I could catch up on laundry, cleaning, correspondence, restificating, etc... and yet I ended up working over ten hours, and then my car starts acting up in a big way en route home. Figures, no?

I decided to take my frustrations out on some tekkamaki... only to find that the local supermarket's sushi place has simply vanished. It's like it was never there.

But it was! I saw it! ...didn't I? (I suppose it wouldn't be the first time I've had visions of sushi dancing in my head... but STILL.)

My valiant steed's anti-lock braking system was in overdrive-- the gentlest tap on the brake responded in a braking shimmyshimmyshake. The anti-lock dummy light's been going on intermittently over the last couple days... my handy-dandy Chilton manual informed me that, if I detached this teensy little bit of plastic by the rear right passenger's seat, I could look inside and little gremlins would talk to me in secret code via an LED aldis lamp.

Four red flashes, eight red flashes. They tell me the left rear wheel sensor is failing. I don't know what problems might arise from my car not knowing that its left rear wheel is there, but I'm not going to ask questions. The gremlins have spoken.

Bossman was nice-- he's going to drive me to the client's place tomorrow, and his wife has kindly offered me her car for the rest of the evening. Don't know if I'll take her up on it, but I'm touched.

But you knew that all along, didn't you.

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