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She takes a deep breath and the words rush out in a torrent

Monday the 11th: Rehearsal. Did witch things and rolled on the floor a lot. Watered me plants. Washed some dishes.

Tuesday the 12th: Boss brought a cake in for work, as "it's the only day we're all here to celebrate." It was good. Rehearsal. Did the Porter thang with an atrocious lower-class Irish accent in fits and starts. The director thought it was so good he let me go after the first reading. I think he's on drugs.

Wednesday the 13th: Birthday. The one person with whom I share the office did not wish me a happy birthday. The bookkeeper stood me up for lunch. Some guy bought me a shot of melon liquor (my choice) at lunch; the bartender saw fit to add two shots of vodka to it and serve it in a brandy glass. I bought the third Harry Potter book. I mailed a card to Miss Mousie. Mr. E brought me flowers, a CD and the sweetest card I think I've ever gotten. M phoned me. Cried. Went to ESP. Cried; felt much better. Went to Colorado Mining Co. with the group. Ate some food, got more cake. It was good. Ripped a contact lens.

Thursday the 14th: Assistant said she thought my bday was Tuesday. I don't think she's on drugs. Was supposed to get the haircut that's been rescheduled several times since the 25th at lunch. Hairdresser (whom I've gone to for a dozen years or more) blew me off. Stopped by the salon after work to have a wee little chat with him. He had a cancellation and took me right there, so I didn't get the chance. Raced from there to bellydancing. Wiggle-jiggled. Had nachos and beer, played pool.

Friday the 15th: Found that my pay raise was twice as much as I had expected. Ordered a new contact and got a disposable pair for the meantime. Phoned me sweetie. Raced to Studio 64 to some radio station event. A won a T-shirt, M won the grand prize. The guy singing at the event gave me an autographed CD as a belated bday present. A gave me really cool garnet earrings. M gave me the funniest and most obscene card I've ever gotten. Got lost behind A on our way to the next club. Nice though rather clueless people on a series of porches in a rather bad neighborhood attempted to offer directions. Met up with M, A and G, and headed to the Barge. It was so busy that they couldn't let anyone on the barge until other people got off. Didn't bother. M and I went to a party in Troy. Attempted to find pizza, no luck. Picked up some snacks for the party. My anti-lock brake dummy light was on, and my oil was just about gone. Replaced oil. My seatbelt attempted to strangle the life outta me when I turned off the car (and nearly well succeeded). That's what I get for using really old oil, I guess. Enjoyed the party. Hugs aplenty. Played poker. Took some pics. Went home.

Old joke-- Q: What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? A: Lipstick, if he's luckySaturday the 16th: Rehearsal. More witching, more rolling around on the floor. We pretended we were starfish in a surreal sea full of heavy velvet curtains. Yup-- thinking the director's really on drugs now. Came up with a plan for the visions in the prophesy scene. Agreed to enhance some photos for it. Heard bagpipes on the way out. Guessed it wasn't a Pride Day event. Saw the guy in the picture in front of the Ft. Orange Club, welcoming people to a wedding reception. Guy was unfazable, just like a Beefeater. Went to local pub for food. Was the only person there. Discovered their Saturday evening $8 lobster special. Yum. Went to a party a fellow thespian was throwing in Albany. Played hacky-sack. Listened to fiddlers, guitar players, harmonica players and a lone kazooist. Climbed a tree. Was serenaded by a crazy older gent who was quite smitten with me for some odd reason. Saw my friend's art studio, full of faeries and dragons. Must talk with him further. Ran into the thin, jovial Scotsman from the Wiccan specialty shoppe who could discuss the tarot while beating a drum again. Drove home in a serious and sudden downpour. Slept.

Sunday the 17th: Slept 8 hours! Woohoo! Read some Harry Potter. Painted my nails. Painted my toenails. Enhanced a random clipart baby photo for the show. Posted some other pics I've taken recently. Went to the movies with M and E. Had quick appetizers and hard lemonade at Pizzaria Uno's. Saw Mummy Returns. Thought the tongue-in-cheek humour had rather escaped the mouth entirely and went on a rampage down the front of the chin, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. Thinking ILM had way too much fun with texture mapping. M gave me a fan for me bday. It has a remote control : )

Monday the 18th: Worked. Wished Miss ly a happy birthday. Raced to rehearsal. Did more rolling around on the floor. Have decided that I could make a small fortune selling whatever it is that the director's on. Rehearsed really late. Took some photos of the lead. Came home really late. Got a msg from Miss Mousie. She has the sweetest voice! Made my day. Talked with M, talked with E, began clickity clacking. Slowing down now. Justed finished an Orange Hooper's Hooch and some Taco Schmell nachos. Half-watching AYBS.

Tuesday the 19th: Supposed to go to rehearsal. Director doesn't mind my not going because he thinks I'm "jiggy with the porter." Have I mentioned his little drug problem? Actually, I think he's like this all the time. Cool. Fun guy (not necessarily fungi). Need to sleep early, as I'll be going on an on-site visit to a client all day Wednesday (7:30a - 6:00p) and am supposed to go rehearse (to hearse again?) after that.

A Few of my Favourite Links o' the Week

from a bunchopeoples

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~I tried your cat's name
I tried your favourite band
I have the password to your... shell account~


Breathless welcomes to badmammajamma!


Goodnight my friends. *THUMP KATHUNK*

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