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I'm a busy girl.

Crazy day...

Awoke sad, clutching a pirate chicken
GCP newsletters-- Renaissance (saw Pat) to GCP to BGW
Beefo's-- chicken sammich (wanted two!) and Z hugs
W&CG-- extra wine for Jean-talking, saw Marjorie et al, got wine and cheeeeeese
Home in bigass storm
Surprise dinner w/ David S-- cheeeeese, planked salmon, potatoes, veggies, salad & my special sangria made with his homemade wine
Home, shower, green futuristic corseting thingy
HoD - John Aho's going away party, weird twitter serendipity with scottenelle, so many hugs
Brophy's-- lousy monkees, mike mcshane, aliens feeling me up, easter bunnyfrog, poolring on my hips, more hugs
Lab-- caitlin, gary, glover and exp, cash only, free pbr for me, even more hugs
Home again home again-- overshare badge, clean livingroom (thx lola!)

No, it doesn't make sense. It's late, and I just want to record my weird notes. I keep thinking I'm missing something, but meh.

Tomorrow: rehearsal for Producers, shopping for Sunday, Cory/Nat bday party thang, Ars Phoenix. P Brophy suggested I stop by (but I probably won't have time, all things considered). Sunday is Sunday. I really need to try on that gown.


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