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These are Today's Tweets

  • 00:09 A very nice night. Saw final dress for gcp show, got my mail, sang at karaoke, got some Mad Science Dancers goin', and remembered my wine :) #
  • 06:51 Song stuck in my head upon waking: Code Monkey. Was going to sleep in, but both bladder and dog wickedly complained. Coffee it is! #
  • 09:00 Yes, yes, yes, yes: RT @DeepakChopra Keys to freedom & joy : Stop projecting, detach, let go, forgive. #
  • 20:30 @Tarpo Reminder: go put the laundry in the dryer at 10pm. :P #
  • 20:52 Life's weird again! Grand plans for a nap before late chats with Labrats now abandoned to see Hamell on Trial + Stevie D before Labbery. #
  • 22:28 I just unlocked the "Bender" badge on @foursquare! 4sq.com/9ULJS0 #
  • 22:28 Stevie D & the No-Shows now, Hamell on Trial upcoming! (@ Common Grounds) 4sq.com/62M1lH #
  • 22:34 @sciencemonkey He hasn't played yet! Common Grounds, $6... c'mon out! Stevie D & No-Shows playing now... they played the Lab once. #
  • 22:57 New rules for me: Be ready to go. Show up. Be present. Have fun. Afk working on #3 & #4 right now :) Hamell on Trial at Common Grounds! #fb #
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