*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

These are Today's Tweets

  • 01:31 I'm at The Laboratory, A Cafe Of Science (818 West University, Gainesville). 4sq.com/bI6YtJ #
  • 01:32 I'm at The Laboratory (818 West University Ave, 8th street, Gainesville). 4sq.com/9QoI2S #
  • 15:05 "Let go" and "why not" indeed :) #
  • 17:48 Heading to my boyo's house to teach him how to make his favorite meal and maybe play some video games. <3 Happy Mom's Day! #fb #
  • 19:55 "But I guess its size makes up for how shallow it is." My son, on baking pans. *snicker* #
  • 20:05 Crispy baked chix, green bean casserole and crescent rolls, my boyo's favourite meal. twitgoo.com/v9jc5 #
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