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These are Today's Tweets

  • 00:36 I'm at The Laboratory, A Cafe Of Science (818 West University, Gainesville). 4sq.com/bI6YtJ #
  • 01:53 There's something vaguely satisfying about arriving at one's favourite watering hole in pink, long-eared bunny slippers. I recommend it. :) #
  • 02:34 @Tarpo It's super-easy... 1. Buy t-shirt & avery iron-on transfers. 2. Google pic of mayo and clone it 4x. 3. Print. 4. Iron. ... 6. Profit. #
  • 02:44 @Tarpo Yes! It would take an infinitesimal amount of work... shipping's the real beyotch, or I'd do it for you. Dying to know the purpose... #
  • 15:36 According to the BBC, the oil slick has grown to 3,500 sqmi/9,000 sqkm, or "roughly the size of Puerto Rico." I find this mind-boggling. #fb #
  • 21:31 It's air-conditioned. There is Guinness. I <3 Brophy's :) (@ Brophy's Irish Pub) 4sq.com/c0NNom #
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