*smooch* (ldy) wrote,

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shocking quiescence

Over the past two or three hours, I've endured the oddest of litmus tests... Nearly every emotional trigger was pulled, and no explosion heard. Not even a click.

That which would usually provoke some sort of tearful or otherwise emotional reaction passed as just more information, just so much brainfodder.

It's strange, this peace... I imagine it to be similar to being under some sort of medication. Had I known what it was like, I might have actively sought some sort of medication.

That said, I'm very pleased to have been granted it under more natural means. I'd rather be a bit crazy than doped for society's sake.

And another chapter seemingly closes, amidst a crazy, blustery night full of felled trees and lightning, unsuspected by those of us warmed by the glow of flourescence and blacklights, safe in our concrete bunker.

Goodnight, you. And all of you, as well :)

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